Warden Park Academy's tree planting project

by Tree Action UK in Hove, England, United Kingdom

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To organise tree planting projects for students within UK schools and colleges. This 2nd project will be for Warden Park Secondary Academy.

by Tree Action UK in Hove, England, United Kingdom

Update on Progress and Warden Park Academy Tree Planting Project

Hello Everyone, 

Hope you're all keeping well. As many of you know reading this we postponed the tree planting until the next season i.e. November/December due to the Covid-19 restrictions and the need to get volunteers, donors and students involved. However there have been other things going on so here is a quick update.1616759150_img-20210326-wa0000.jpg

Most notably from the funds raised so far we have paid for a 30 x 14ft Poly tunnel in the garden area which has been delivered and put together. A mixture of flower and veg seeds have been planted inside already. The school have also ordered pond liner for the pond's development which will start soon.


All 10 of our Tree Sponsors have been sent their fantastic Certificates of Dedication designed by the students, Thank You cards designed by students have been signed and sent out by Joshua Mohamed, Head Boy. ( We will be giving more of these out after the tree planting events ). All but one of the potted Oaks that were adopted have been collected and will be finding a new home, and TreeAction badges have been sent to those who asked.  


We will be ordering the 52 Trees including the fruit trees in August. In September the lead ranger and arborist Liam Lord will be returning to the site to mark out the exact locations for planting all of them. We will also firm up the dates for the tree planting events, as well as the Tea and Cake and Tour of the tree planting sites event.  

Thanks again for your support. If you'd like to support the work of the Warden Park Academy's  garden area and development as a volunteer or get involved in the tree planting events please get in touch. 

We are also looking for support for future projects with other schools, so if you'd like to support TreeAction's work as a volunteer, or support as an individual or corporate donor, or get involved in other school projects we will do please get in touch by emailing me: [email protected]

Best wishes, 

Ricky Purnell

for TreeAction UK


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This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£100 or more

9 of 50 claimed

Sponsor a Tree in the School

Sponsor a Tree - Have a tree in a school named after someone or after your business. You will also receive a certificate of dedication designed by the students, a photo of your tree, and a map showing its location in relation to the others. The tree will be a likely be a young 3-4 year old, about 1.5 - 2 meters in height, planted, fertilized and supported with guard or other suitable protection from deer and rabbits.

£10 or more

Get a student designed thank you card

Donate £10 and get a personalised Card designed by some of the students, with their own drawing or design of a tree on one side, and a personal thank you message inside.

£20 or more

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Tree Action Support Badges and a Media Shout

We will send you "I Help Tree Action to Plant Trees" logo badges x 2 , and list you as a Founding Supporter of Tree Action UK on our website and all media channels relating to the school project you are supporting. Your support will be tweeted your and mentioned on FB page too. Please allow 14 days for delivery of badges.

£20 or more

Tea and Cake and a tour of tree planting sites

Get a tour of the school grounds seeing what work is being done and in progress, what trees are planned, where and why, with tea and cake provided after. Meet other tree lovers ! There will be several dates and times and you will be sent details to select a time.

£30 or more

9 of 30 claimed

Adopt a young Oak Tree

There are a large number of young Oak Trees , around 1 - 3 ft in height, in the allotment area at Warden Park some will be transplanted, but others will have to be removed to make way for the new outdoor learning space in the allotment area and will need a new home! We can provide you with a young oak , potted and ready to be collected by you during one of the tree planting event days.

£50 or more

11 of 50 claimed

Plant a Tree on the School Grounds

Attend one of the tree planting days, learn how to plant a tree then plant one tree on the school grounds , supervised by an expert. Tea and cake after to celebrate your achievement!

£200 or more

0 of 25 claimed

"We Help Tree Action"logo use and event invitation

If you are a business we can give your company use of our special " We Help Tree Action to Plant Trees"logo for your website showing your corporate social responsibility credentials and at least one of your team will be invited to one of the school planting days to plant one of the trees with a specialist on hand to show you how its done!

£1,000 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Sponsor the Tree Planting Event Day

Sponsor a whole Tree Planting Event day - Have the whole tree planting event day at a school or college named after you, someone you love, or your business as a Sponsor of the day, mentioned at the school, and promoted as such on media channels, as well as use of the "We Help Tree Action to Plant Trees" Logo and invitation to plant a tree on the day.

£2,000 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Sponsor an Avenue or group of Fruit Trees

An avenue or group of approximately 10 fruit trees will be named after you or after your business. The school will always refer to the trees as the "Your Name " Trees. By arrangement we can arrange a special plaque or badge with your name. Also includes use of "We Help Tree Action to Plant Trees" logo and invite to a tree planting event to plant one of the trees.

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