Treaty of Union Articles

by Random Scottish History in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Treaty of Union Articles
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I feel the information gleaned from the Treaty of Union research is too important not to be shared on varying formats for accessibility.

by Random Scottish History in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

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I was set on the path to exploring Scotland's place within it's union with England by author, David Taylor. The idea was to try to find those who were in favour of the union but felt they had a duty to make it a more equal union by solving varying grievances the population had from the time of its signing.

The easiest go-to for the information was the British press for articles, op-eds and correspondence. And, jings, did they deliver! From issues of political apathy in the first half-century post-union, calls for a home militia, to comparisons with Ireland after their entering the union in 1801, over-taxation and centralisation are recurring issues creating a pervasive feeling of unfairness in how each country was individually treated within the unions. There was one main article in particular that grabbed people's attention, however, which I titled the 'Financial Cost to Scotland of the Union.' It's written by Harry Gow and lays out the figures in black and white leading us to believe nothing much has changed since it was written in 1891.

I had folk contacting me after the information was published agreeing with my thoughts on how important the information was and I felt it was restrictive in being available online only. I personally know at least 4 people who don't receive their information from online sources and it was for those like them that I felt a hard copy publication should be produced.

Random Scottish History is an unfunded website undertaken by myself for the sake of getting the information out there as fast as I'm able. It's an entirely voluntary contribution to, what I hope will be, our country's positive future. I feel we won't get there unless we have access to and knowledge of our own history and we're finally able to base our decisions on the lessons learned from our past wins and losses. I hope this is project helps us to that end.


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