Travel Hands

by Ishan Jha in London, England, United Kingdom

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For Visually Impaired People - Travel Hands is a convenient, inexpensive and safe service, to connect and walk with a volunteer on journeys.

by Ishan Jha in London, England, United Kingdom

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Taking care of your eyes often includes simple, daily tasks that we shrug off. Yet taking a proactive approach to caring for your eyes is important nonetheless. Your eyes allow you to drive, enjoy sights, and take in information about the world around you. For donating £50, we will gift you with an eye-care package consisting of eyedrops to replenish your eyes as well as caring information, a limited edition tote bag and a digital artwork.

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A printed postcard designed for VIP World by the illustrators and designers interning at VIP World. All artworks have been created with a heartwarming message related to vision and sight. Each demonstrating the individual artist’s personal aesthetic, the artworks spread the message in their own special way. The moment our target is reached, your postcard will be sent swiftly with a personalised compliment message from the team.

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Receive a VIP World limited edition keyring for pledging £25 or more. The moment our target is reached, your reward will be sent swiftly with a complimentary postcard from the VIP World team, select below which postcard design you would like to receive.

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Are you part of a corporate or business, for a £500 donation, Team VIP World will provide an accessible brand experience for everyone using your website and apps, through thorough testing and analysis. Web accessibility means opening accessibility of the Web to everyone, specifically those who have disabilities, allowing them to perceive, understand, navigate and interact with the Web. These disabilities cover all levels following WCAG standards.


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