#ToyLikeMe - celebrating disability in toys!

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#ToyLikeMe - celebrating disability in toys!
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On 18th February 2016 we successfully raised £17,045 with 701 supporters in 28 days

#ToyLikeMe - help take us to the next level, grow our organisation & develop a website celebrating disability representation in toys!

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Helen Zanzibar 18th February 2016

Congratulations to the one woman show who brought us all in to support such a worthy cause that is about to be publicised on a huge scale. Respect and a big hug and i hope you take the night off today - you did it, you made the spondulics that were needed.

kulini_ 18th February 2016

What a fantastic initiative - it's been really amazing to watch it grow. Thanks for the opportunity to contribute. It's been inspirational! xxx

Elli 17th February 2016

Couldn't resist pushing you over the 13K mark, and I just got an unexpected pay rise so it seems appropriate to share the love! Keep going bloomsmums, you can do it! xxx

Niall 17th February 2016

Having grown up with disability and now, as an adult, working with children with a variety of disabilities, I know how much of a difference inclusiveness can make. Not only is this going to help raise the self esteem of disabled children but it will also help their peers to see disability as 'normal'. It's a fantastic idea and I wish you all the best with it!

Niamh Armitage 17th February 2016

What an amazing initiative. I work with disabled children and know they would love to access to toys such as yours. Thank you for being the people to create this and move it forward.

aigoual 17th February 2016

A little bit more for your last-minute push, and well done for all your tenacity. All fingers crossed that you get there! Gwyneth x

Sara Jackson 16th February 2016

happy to support anyone getting up and celebrating difference. I created a musical story app to do just that for children called The Treehouse at Number Nine which is free on the App Store for iPads. Here's to you and us and all of your supporters.

Day Family 15th February 2016

Thank you for this wonderful idea. Nobody in my family is disabled, but I want my children to grow up accepting EVERYONE as they are, and this is another way to show them we are all just... people.

Eyes and Independence 15th February 2016

Fantastic work and enthusiasm. I look forward to being able to have these on display too, at Conferences and distributed in Australia hopefully, to save the hassle of freight costs. Can't wait to buy that upcoming lego set! Kerri

Julie Crick 14th February 2016

Good luck guys. Thank you for all your hard work. Having worked with children for over 20 years, and have sadly seen little progress with inclusion toys representing special needs and disability within our world. It's about time that such and easy solution be implemented to allow all children to play with toys that represent the real, amazing world that we all share together. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed on this project. Thanks again. Best wishes, Julie Crick

Moira Parrott 13th February 2016

Hi Rebecca, I am so impressed with you dedication and commitment to this project. Your updates are always amusing and upbeat. It's a disgrace that you are having to work so hard to encourage toy companies to do what they should have done years ago. You thoroughly deserve to succeed. Love and Good luck from Moira Parrott.


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