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by Torbay Stroke Support in Paignton, England, United Kingdom

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by Torbay Stroke Support in Paignton, England, United Kingdom


Charity Number: 1186045

(Supporting Wellbeing)

Stroke is a 'car crash' of an event, a traumatic moment in life. It can be sudden, dramatic, unexpected and undeserved. It affects all those 'travelling' with you.

Torbay Stroke Support is a peer-network charity whose aim is to make you feel less alone, able to rebuild and move forward.

By donating you will become part of our local stroke community, allowing us to meet and talk with others, to signpost and educate, to listen and advise. 

We are run by stroke survivors whose personal experiences are our starting point for what is needed, who for and where.

The official bit...Our Charity Objectives

To relieve the needs of persons who have suffered or at risk of suffering a stroke and their families and carers in Torbay and South Devon and to promote and protect their health by providing information, advocacy and support as shall be thought fit.


       Torbay has more need than evidenced even by these statistics:     

  • More than 100,000 strokes are recorded in the UK each year
  • There are over 1.2 million stroke survivors in the UK
  • Every 2 seconds someone in the world will have a stroke
  • 4th single leading cause of death in the UK

What do we want to provide?

Uniquely we want to assist all people affected by stroke in Torbay . 

We want to provide a service for those who would benefit from emotional, practical, psychological, social, peer and rehabilitation support:  survivors who need support to adapt to life after their stroke, those at risk of stroke and carers, family and friends of stroke survivors. 

By offering specific services for local people, delivered in Torbay and Newton Abbot the emphasis is on practical support. We aim to educate, inform and support through peer contact and professional input. It is fundamental for us to include stroke survivors in all aspects of our organisation: to be user led by those who have been directly affected by stroke. We ask what our users want.

We channel the knowledge of those who have first hand experience to our users and those who fund us and provide opportunity of open access for all users of our services. 

Your crowdfunding will help us to  sustain the groups we have, start new ones in Brixham and Newton Abbot. It will enable us to offer ward visits at Newton Abbot Hospital. It will help pay for people to join our groups who need transport or just a cup of coffee. It will be spent on our users.

Our Team is currently all volunteers; all of whom have experienced, first hand, the short and longer term effect of stroke themselves or on those close to them. 


You are 30% less likely to have a repeat stroke if you are not socially isolated.

Our user numbers will increase because more people will know what we offer and more people will want to use our services

We will support Public Health, Health Watch Torbay, NHS services, GPs and Pharmacies by providing a community-based referral service for recovery and rehabilitation. This will alleviate our hard pressed public services.

Torbay Stroke Support offers practical ‘Real World’ advice through a peer support network that delivers locally focussed stroke awareness tailored to the individual.

  • There will be provision of a ‘Tailored’ local, age-relevant service: applying the awareness that the effect of stroke may be pathologically similar but the outcome and consequences vastly different according to age and situation. 
  • We will have set a ‘buddy’ system of one to one support.
  • We will have conversations, in a non-medical environment, about what patients and carers understand about their stroke.
  • We will have conversations with patient experts and patient carer that takes place focussed on their reality, how in day-to-day life, in Torbay and South Devon, they can use the advice and knowledge they have. 
  • Torbay Stroke Support will create opportunities for users to attend drop in centres to meet with those in a similar situation.
  • The creation of the term ‘Stroke Aware Torbay’ in order to deliver a stroke friendly directory of businesses and agencies that have staff and premises that are ‘Stroke Aware supported by a local training.

We thank you for reading this page and hope this inspires you to give whatever you can for this great cause. It really will help make a difference to helping support the charity and stroke survivors. 

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