Supplies to Ukraine and War Refugees to UK

by Ewa Katarzyna Bishop in Taunton, Somerset, United Kingdom

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To fund the transportation of supplies from Somerset UK, to the Ukraine and to bring Ukrainian war refugees back to the UK

by Ewa Katarzyna Bishop in Taunton, Somerset, United Kingdom

We are friends. A spider web of friends!

Friends with big hearts sending our PURE LOVE where need it !

We become friends even we did not know each other, we trust, we honest and clearly beautiful people who did not know each other before the WAR…

We don’t even want to share our identity, we fed by LOVE and need send the LOVE to get simply smile and to see a bit of happiness on Ukrainian`s faces..

"Supplies to Ukraine and War Refugees to UK" are a group of volunteers based in Taunton, Somerset, in the UK and we aid in the collection and distribution of food, medical supplies, army supplies, and pet food for the people of Ukraine. We also aid in the transportation of bringing war refugees back from the Ukraine to the UK. We volunteer with many aid groups, to help with specific tasks or goals such as Somerset Aid for Ukraine based in Taunton, ITSCA in Exeter, Ukrainian refugees welcome fund, Johns Red Bus, Ukraine support aid, Vitally Ukraine, Steve Brooks to get medical supplies, Ukraine Aid Southwest and many others in order to get what is needed to the right people in the right places. 

What do we do?

This involves collecting donations from various points in and around Somerset and transporting them to the Ukraine. However, our aim is not to stop there. Our aim is to aid in the transportation of the war refugees back to Poland and the UK. Many of these traumatized families and their pets do not have the money to catch a flight to the UK, nor do they have the nerves to catch many trains and change over at multiple stations across Europe to get here. As we deliver supplies to Ukraine, we find there are lots of families who have the visas and the permissions to settle in the UK, however they do not have the means to get here. We empty the van of supplies where they are needed most and then we fill the van with war refugees who need the transport back to the UK. We also aid in the paring of these families with the sponsors within the Somerset area.

How will the funds be used?

The funds raised will go towards the purchase or the hiring of an 8 seater van for the transportation of supplies but also to bring families back. At the moment we borrow vans where and when we can (and these usually do not have seats in order to transport people back). The vans are loaned to us by concerned people and businesses who want to help. But we do not always have a van available, when we need it. We have lots of donations of supplies from caring people across Somerset and we know of war refugees wanting transport to get back, plus we also have volunteer drivers available. But we do not always have the van available in order to fulfil this link.

Reaching our goal

First off we would like to purchase a dedicated van. If we do not raise enough for the van, we can use the funds to continue to rely on borrowing or hiring vans, funding the petrol and insurance for these trips, the purchasing of food and medical supplies specifically asked for from the front line.

Blogging along the way

These are some pictures of previous trips and donations. We have a new trip to Ukraine leaving on 25th April! We will keep you updated along the way .


Empty warehouse donated by my neighbor Mark before donations arrive,


The wonderful people of Taunton and surrounds did not let us down!


Packing and sorting



Labelling and getting customs forms ready


Packing the van








Our trip to Poland . We did not know each other, we had problem getting van, We get the van 14.30 on Monday ( donated by Richard who I  never met before) and we set for travel at 17.00. Come back on Thursday at 16.30, Yes, seams crazy! But we did it and come back a live and hopefully still friends - me , my driver and owner of the van.. 

By the way we named our van Willy Wyvern  :)… currently looking for a name for the 8 seater..  Grace (favor of thanks) ? Nadia ( Hope)? Gabriela (God is my strength )? Gabriel ( an angel )?

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