TimePeace: refugees & locals free skill swap

by TimePeace in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 26th June 2017 we successfully raised £20,800 with 203 supporters in 56 days

Connecting refugees & locals to swap activities & skills by the hour for free.

by TimePeace in London, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Thanks to your incredible support we have raised an amazing £18,675 in just 7 weeks!

Thank you for joining us in creating a more integrated and peaceful society and enabling us to make TimePeace app a reality! Without your support this would not have been possible.

We are now able to launch the app in August!

With just one week left to go we are stretching our target to £25k, an additional £5k to invest in marketing. The £5k will be spent on:

  • Geo-targeted social media advertising
  • Marketing material
  • Community events and workshops

 This will help us rapidly grow our user base so you will have more people to swap skills and share activities within your local community!


Want to support refugees in your area? Meet new people? Learn new skills and activities for free?

Join TimePeace.  Be part of an incredible movement.

TimePeace is a mobile app and movement that facilitates greater social integration between asylum seekers/ refugees and local citizens. We are developing a mobile app that enables users to share skills and activities with each other by the hour; for every hour you give, you gain an hour to use on something you want!

We need your donations to help us launch this summer! We already have a cornerstone donation so development is already underway, but we still need £20,000 more to meet our target of £30,000. With your support you’ll be able to connect with new people in your area whilst learning skills or doing activities you’ve always wanted to do!

The situation.

The UNHCR says that on average a refugee will be outside of their home countries for 18years. This means that we need to start thinking about long term solutions which will help both those seeking refuge and benefit local citizens.

In the UK, the current system prevents asylum seekers from working until they have been granted asylum status, which is often a long and complex process. Refugees can be left feeling isolated and struggle to integrate in the communities they joined.

We are changing things!

TimePeace offers a long term solution that enables asylum seekers to play an active role in their new community from day 1 by allowing users to exchange time (“time credits”) instead of money. Are you a drummer who wants to learn how to make the perfect tagine? Or are you an arabic speaker who wants to find a kick-boxing buddy? Then TimePeace is the app for YOU.

TimePeace celebrates the potential in all of us.

We all come from a diverse range of cultures and places, each with our own unique background, life experiences, talents, skills and passions to offer. We can all contribute to enriching society.

TimePeace is your local platform that helps you discover and connect with both individuals and groups offering skills and activities that you want to try.

Sign-up, search by category or location, message, meet-up!

The flexible by-the-hour model means no long term commitment is needed and you can get involved around your schedule. There is no money involved, no expectations and no fuss.

Our aim is to build local networks of refugees and citizens that are sharing, learning and doing things together. Unlike other refugee support networks where refugees are the recipients, TimePeace gives back agency and places all users in the roles of donor and recipient.  

Why we need your support.

Building a mobile that is accessible to all no matter which language you speak and how literate you are requires investment.

A common misconception is that refugees don’t have smartphones. In fact, smartphones are a lifeline to many; connecting them with family, friends and helping finding resources.

TimePeace will be live this summer and will include the following features:

  • Geo-location to enable you to match with users nearby
  • Audio messaging to enable users with lower levels of literacy to communicate with ease
  • Multiple languages; english, arabic, farsi, pashto, tigrinya….

We need your support to raise an additional £20k to meet the total costs of the app development and initial maintenance.

How you can help?

  • Donate now to become a Founding Donor of TimePeace, and be at the start of something big!
  • Donate over £100 to get a shoutout on our social channels
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Let’s change the way we are responding to the refugee crisis and make time for peace!

Meet the team.

We are an all-woman NFP start-up that believes together we can solve social exclusion, build a sense of community and offer free opportunities to learn.

Charlotte Maxwell - I am a documentary photographer and filmmaker who has been recently published in TIME, Independent and Moscow Times, as well as a teacher who researched extensively and volunteered in refugee camps across Europe but decided to take on a different approach as I felt there was a real need for a more long term solution when addressing the refugee crisis. This is how I came up with the idea of TimePeace. As a Chinese Masters graduate from the University of Edinburgh I have been working and living in countries all around the world. This has helped me develop my language skills and adapt to living and working alongside people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Alice Carter - I am a civil servant specialising in digital and technology, with experience in the Department for Work and Pensions, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Defence and the Cabinet Office. I previously worked for the Next Century Foundation, a think tank focusing on the Middle East, where I was involved in monitoring casualty figures in the deteriorating Syrian civil war. I studied History, Economics and Politics at Durham University and wrote my dissertation on the media's role in the Syrian uprising. When Charlotte approached me to launch TimePeace, I was immediately attracted by the opportunity to tackle the issues of integration through technology and the sharing economy.

Alexandra Simmons - I am a marketeer turned humanitarian & refugee advocate. After 4.5years in Australia working in advertising on global brands - KFC, Coke, Skyscanner - as a strategist I briefly returned home to London before moving to Calais. What was meant to be a weekend volunteering in the notorious “Jungle” turned into 7 months on the ground running aid operations and engaging the international media. It was in Calais that I met Charlotte and she asked me to help her make her idea of TimePeace a reality! I currently split my time between TimePeace, an internship in House of Lords and volunteering in refugee camps.

To learn more check out our website, Instagram & Facebook, or email us at [email protected] we’d love to hear from you!

TimePeace is a non-for-profit company limited by guarantee. Company number 10644671.



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