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by Ananth Murthy in London, England, United Kingdom

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Help us get our business The TimberMaker kickstarted to bring you sustainable solid wood, luxuriously crafted, bespoke & quirky furniture!!!

by Ananth Murthy in London, England, United Kingdom

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On the 31st December 2020 we'd raised £15,050 with 28 supporters in 69 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

I've been a public servant both in local & central Govt. most of 15 year career where I've helped, supported, advised & administered grants to Small businesses & Start-ups looking to scale up & grow to contribute to the local economy. In 2019 I moved to the private sector in the hospitality industry but in March 2020 I was made redundant due to the dreaded pandemic! With no end in sight, countless job applications, interviews & rejections I was depressed, worn down & anxious at what the future would hold for me. With my lovely wife heavily pregnant with our 2nd daughter, mortgage & bills to pay, I had to shake myself up & pursue something that would help support the family!

This is when the idea of The TimberMaker came up. Tired of purchasing either overpriced flat-packed furniture made of cheap MDF or engineered wood & then having to spend countless hours trying to put them together or the second option being expensive furniture from designer brands in store, there had to be a better alternative & something more sustainable.

Our Vision:

The TimberMaker aspires to be a major player in the furniture e-commerce space providing high end handcrafted, luxury, bespoke, solid wood & cast iron furniture at competitive prices to proud homeowners & tenants alike that want to buy excellent quality sustainably sourced solid wood furniture which is not flat packed & mass produced such as Ikea, Wilko, B&Q etc. but are fully assembled pieces ready to be placed at the desired location at home or elsewhere saving customers their valuable time & the hassle of putting pieces together. 

Customer need we're going to address:

With our uniquely stylish, handcrafted high end furniture customers will be able to click and buy their desired furniture either in the comfort of their home using their computers or when on the move using their mobile devices, have it delivered, unpack and place it where they want rather than having to figure out which screw and bolt goes in what place and have no fear of them damaging the item if they screw it too hard or too deep. This not only saves the hassle of customers wanting to return the item or spending more on cheaper mass produced & manufactured furniture made of MDF or Engineered wood which is not long lasting and instead is perfectly suitable to be packed and moved to be taken to a different location if the customer moves home.

Our furnitures aren’t mass produced with only a limited number manufactured after which the company will add new updated designs to their platform making them somewhat unique in their own way making it a much more attractive proposition for customers wanting to showcase their Instagram perfect home with their Instagram perfect furniture.

What sets The TimberMaker apart from our competitors:

As mentioned above we will offer customers bespoke, non mass produced, high quality and handcrafted solid wood furniture. These will be manufactured in limited numbers and will keep in line with the trend and customer requirement to have an Instagram worthy shot of your home such as these!

Quality, bespoke & luxury furniture at the click of a button:

With more & more time conscious customers warming up to purchase furniture for their homes online & we will provide YOU the customer with an excellent choice of bespoke, handcrafted furniture perfect for your home. 

We will not be mass producing our furniture, instead we will continuously evolve our designs & produce only a limited number of a pieces. By doing so customers will have the chance to own bespoke pieces at competitive prices without having to lose an arm & a leg to pay for them!

Our Pricing Strategy:

The pricing has been carefully thought out to ensure that we do not alienate customers who are price conscious but at the same time has been priced to ensure that we produce quality, high end furniture from quality & sustainable wood sources to stand the test of times

What & how we will use funds raised for:

With our supply chain, warehousing & distribution system set up we need funds to purchase stock, develop our e-commerce website & carry out the marketing of our business to spread awareness, acquire customers & gain a foothold of the furniture e-commerce marketplace.

Stock Purchase: Majority or roughly £10k is required to make the initial stock purchase to be able to start taking orders from customers. 

Marketing & Social Media: Since our business will be operating entirely online, our second major cost will be marketing our business, products & offering to customers through Social Media channels. This will involve brand development, strategy delivery, content creation, paid advertising, influencer campaigns etc. Although this will be a continuous process & ongoing costs, we need initial funding to be able to develop our kickstarter content to be able to wow our customers by presenting our products in a way that will identify with them & help customers decide to make that purchase. Our initial Marketing & Social Media set up costs are £7,200

Create & Support Job creation:

Unlike large corporations who employ cheap labor we will be supporting the local economy we operate in. All our furniture is sourced from independent craftsmen who are paid fair prices. As we scale up, so will their orders, which in turn will help them grow & take on more staff thus helping the local economy during these difficult times.

We will also be supporting the creation of extra jobs in the warehousing & fulfilment sector as we partner with proven & successful companies. The companies we partner with will share the same ethos as ours which is to support the local economy they operate in.

Therefore by pledging your funds, you will not only be helping us kickstart our business but will also have the opportunity to help support & contribute to the success of small businesses we work with & grow the economy and to top it all, own the high quality, handcrafted furniture we will be producing!

Below are some of our first products that we're looking to launch The TimberMaker with:




Help us succeed & be part of our journey by pledging your support to own a piece of handcrafted furniture, support & create jobs & support the local economy during these difficult times for small businesses!

P.S: We will be delivering our lovely products in the UK, India & Germany initially before expanding to the Americas & other EU nations.


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