Through comedy find adoption and foster families

by Joy Carter Comedian Campaigner in London Borough of Lewisham

We did it
On 21st February 2016 we successfully raised £140 with 3 supporters in 21 days

From March we will inspire and find new adoption/foster families through staging 20 UK comedy/drama shows and panel talks from charities

by Joy Carter Comedian Campaigner in London Borough of Lewisham

'Spot the Difference' is a new Comedy tour about adoption that will make a difference, by helping find more foster and adoption families in the UK

‘Spot the Difference’ An Auto-biographical Solo Comedy/drama about adoption, fostering and surrounding issues.

My name is Joy Carter ( and I am a successful and established comedian and campaigner on adoption and fostering issues in the UK.  I have been doing this work for over 10 years and seen some changes but would like to see more. In 2014 I started my own not-for-profit oranisation to do art based projects, help support adopted people and inspire more people about this field.


I have written a new 1 hour show about my positive adoption experience, surrounding adoption issues and why adoption/fostering is an integral and important part of society.

I plan to take my comedy drama on tour to at least 20 towns and cities in the UK over 12 months, visiting theatres, community halls, churches and comedy festivals alongside a 'Call for Action' event (see below) to sign up foster and adoption families.



What is the Show?

Joy Carter: Spot the Difference

Inventive TV comedian/actress Joy Carter presents her new theatre show about her differences. Who are we? Who are you? 

Brilliant storytelling is her trademark as she explores her own adoption from Nigeria, growing up in a land where she is different and other peoples attitudes. Adoption is tragic, it’s sad, but it can be unbelievably hilarious! 

Joy explains this complex stuff with her beloved flute ‘Bertie’ and is the only UK comedian to play the flute angrily! Expect the bravery and brilliance of a comedy drama.

‘So Brilliant’ Jo Brand

‘Stories of adoption and ballet warmed and wowed me’ Arthur Smith

‘Her comic style makes her one to watch out for’ Daily Mail, John James Anisiobi

Spot the Difference – Preview performed at Reading Community Theatre 

  • CALL TO ACTION: After each performance there will be a panel of local adoption and fostering specialists to talk about their work in that community, answer questions and sign up potential parents or individuals to adopt or foster.  My desire is to increase their average monthly sign up footfalls by at least 20%.

  • The panel will also be made up of families or individuals in the community allowing them to share about their adoption and fostering experience.

  • LAUNCH DATE: The show will be presented on 31st March in Central London for a large press event, then onto Swindon on 4th April for the Swindon Comedy Festival and onto the rest of the UK.

Why comedy?

The adoption, fostering and care world is fraught with difficult and complex subject matter, but theatre and the use of humour help to make these issues more palatable and attainable to understand. Good theatre is inventive, creative and educational leaving the audience wanting more and often desiring to something with the information they have now digested.  The 'call for action' talks will outline 'next steps' in the process.

  • Comedy is a key that unlocks people’s understanding as it enables the listener to engage with the subject matter in a way that purely talking about an issue does not.

  • It helps the hearer to regain understanding, as a story or joke is easy to tell to a friend and then discuss the words and education behind the engagement. It is a great way of spreading a message into communities that leads to making a positive lasting impression.

  • Humour is attainable for everyone and reaches into a wider demographic, everyone likes to laugh right?

Which towns and cities so far do we plan to visit?

Swindon, Reading, Birmingham, Manchester, Stratford-upon-Avon, Leicester, London, Edinburgh, Bristol, Dorset, Bedford, Leeds, Durham and Hull so far..

  • Why not get in contact and suggest a venue or location we could visit?

Which Charities am I working with so far?

I am working closely with government funded 'The Cornerstone Partnership' who do essential work training prespective parents who wish to adopt/foster and training social workers (

The UK will take in 2,000-3,000 children caught up the Syrian conflict and that they will join foster families and possibly be long term adopted. It is a brilliant reaction to a humanitarian crisis, however the UK is struggling to find adoption and foster families already for the UK children, so this projects work is vital.

Money raised through crowdfunder will pay for:

  • Placing the first deposits or full bookings fees on venues: theatre/community Hall spaces/booking show into festivals

  • Basic advertising for show and entry into festival brochures

  • Show rehearsal space, and work with a director

How will the rest of the project be funded?

Arts grants, business sponsorships and private donations .

  • Total cost for the whole year is around £30,000. So please do contact us for business/private sponsorship 

Will the shows be free?

The ticket price will be kept low with at least 20% of venue tickets being free for anyone struggling to attend/special guests from the adoption or fostering organisations. Money from tickets will help to pay for the tour and extra dates if possible (such as free shows for schools and colleges)


*For any further questions please do get in touch... thank you*


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Please do come to one of the shows and say 'Hi'. All I can do is offer you a special prayer and say to you that your life is Blessed because you love others who you have never met. Your kindness is helping to mend holes in society. You are a true friend to those that have no parents. Thank you xx

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Firstly thank you so much for investing is this project! I will read out YOUR name at the end of the launch event at City Hall in front of the Mayor of London Boris Johnson to say a thank you.

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