'The Nest C.I.C' Voluntary Community Support Hub

by River Ki Taylor in Ware, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

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The Nest is aiming to raise sufficient funds to help to continue and expand the support and traditional community talking circles @ The Nest

by River Ki Taylor in Ware, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

“The Nest provides award winning support to people facing challenges with mental health and isolation and is highly valued by those it supports. 

Green social prescribing is now a well evidenced way of improving mental wellbeing and this can only be good for the local and wider community”

There is ample evidence that the work The Nest does with people needing support because of challenging life experiences and isolation, is extremely valuable. 

We are working with the Nest CIC and they’re partners to see how this can be developed going forwards.”

Tim Anfilogoff

NHS England’s Social Prescribing Regional Facilitator for the East of England.


The Nest is an award winning voluntary community group aimed at providing a safe space for people to hold honest and open conversations and a forum to provide life skills to those who have experienced difficulties in their lives. The group deals with people from all different walks of life and who face difference challenges and have had different experiences.  


Both during the Covid pandemic, and since the rules relaxed, Kim and River have continued to welcome new members to the group, despite personal financial and emotional sacrifice.  During the pandemic, as well as providing general support, Kim Taylor provided ex-addicts with training in the food industry, skills which may assist them to assimilate back into the local community.  

In 2022 The Nest was awarded a Public Health Award from Hertfordshire County Council for the space and support to so many members of the local communities throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Read The Full Story here at The Hertfordshire Mercury website:

The Nest is a UK registered Community Interest Company that provides a safe and professionally managed rural ‘Green Social Prescribing’ space in Hertfordshire. 

The Nest offers and provides free well-being support members of the public and local communities by delivering ‘free-to-attend’ weekly ‘community connection’ men’s and women’s support groups and ‘safe sharing circles’ every week.The Nest also offer bespoke care plans and packages for referred clients from partnered organisations and local primary care services such as Hertfordshire Mind Network and other local Primary Care services and UK Charities such as the Men’s mental health charity Mentell.org.‘

TheNest C.I.C’ has been providing and delivering weekly ‘Free-to-Attend’ Men’s & Women’s ‘Safe Sharing & Support Circles’ every Wednesday and Thursday evening benefiting upwards of 15 members of the local community and public at anytime. During the multiple Covid-19 lockdowns and following discussions with the local council and police – the organisers were awarded ‘exempt’ status from the lockdown rules and were then fortunately able to continue with their safe outdoor space and Community Support Circles – allowing men and women to feel ‘Safe, Seen, Heard and Understood’. Unsurprisingly, the project organisers report of huge and increased community need during the pandemic for wellbeing and socially connecting support and for this to be provided in a natural, safe outdoors setting.There are increasing numbers of local members of the community and public wanting to come together to tackle and talk about their loneliness, social isolation, any addictions, depression and suicidal thoughts.

The Nest voluntarily supports between 120 - 150 local residents of Hertfordshire Every Month by providing a space where people are able to feel 'Safe,Seen, Heard & Understood'




Hear what the professionals have to say about The Nest and it's Voluntary Community Support Work:




THANKS AND FEEDBACK FROM Men & Women who have attended the Traditional Talking Circles at The Nest:


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