The Lost Words for every Scottish Primary school

by Jane in Strathyre

The Lost Words for every Scottish Primary school
We did it
On 9th February 2018 we successfully raised £25,076 with 502 supporters in 70 days

To provide a copy of The Lost Words, by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris, to every Primary School in Scotland.

by Jane in Strathyre

 New stretch target

If I can stretch to reach a total of £25000 then I will be able to purchase and deliver a copy of The Lost Words to every  Primary School, Secondary School and Special School in Scotland!


The idea

If you have seen, or heard about, or held a copy of this book then you will know what a magical thing it is.  The illustrations and words cannot fail to engage and inspire everyone who reads it to connect with the natural world and its sights and sounds.  It is the book I would have grabbed every day at reading time as a child.  

With your support I aim to make that possible for every child in Scotland.

On the day I received my copy of this book I made a bold statement on Twitter that I was going to make it my mission to deliver a copy to every primary school in Scotland.  The response was hugely positive and came so fast I had no time to rethink my bold statement - time to start planning.


The plan - keep it simple

Raise £18,000 ......... buy 2087 books .......... deliver them to the schools!

Thanks to the support of the book's creators Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris, and publishers Penguin agreeing to provide me with a special discounted bulk buy price, I will be able to purchase and deliver a copy to every Primary School for a total of £18,000.   This will potentially reach a total of over 400,000 young people across Scotland.  If I can raise more money, I would love to include all the Secondary Schools and Special Schools as well, but reaching all the primary schools would be a great start.  

With your donations we can make this happen.

A QUICK NOTE:  If you visited this prior to the 26th of January you may have noticed that the target and timescale have changed- luckily it's the time that's extended and the target that has reduced!  Fantastic support from Penguin and Crowdfunder have made this possible - now we just need the donations to make it a reality.

I am also very excited to say that everyone who makes a donation will be entered into a draw to win an original painting by Jackie Morris the illustrator of this magical book.  Jackie is also running an auction for a simply stunning piece of work on her blog which has to be seen to be believed - take a look here!

Why am I doing this?

I passionately believe that creating a connection to nature at a young age is really beneficial to our mental and physical health  - not to mention the importance of that connection for the future of the planet!  Saving the planet is a whole other campaign, for now I'm just going to focus on this first step, and I thank you for any support you can give.

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