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The House of Fairy Tales works with artists and creatives to inspiring learning, ethical citizenship and creativity in children across a number of platforms including theatrical events, exhibitions, schools workshops, publishing and advocacy. Our major new project is called The Great Imagining.

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Our history

We have 15 years experience of creating learning adventures for children and young people in partnership with museums, galleries, land trusts, corporations, local authorities, schools and universities. We have worked with hundreds of artists, creatives and experts, building stories and narratives for each event, using fantasy, storytelling and game mechanics to inspire imagination, curiosity, creativity and critical thinking in people of all ages.

The Great Imagining

We are now embarking on our most ambitious project to date as we design and build a scaleable national festival of the future called The Great Imagining. This is a young person built and centred invitation to imagine a greener, wiser, fairer future together. 

It will happen in primary and secondary schools, universities, colleges, museums and galleries as well as community centres and homes throughout the UK and beyond. Our first pilot was in November 2022 and there will be more in the Spring and Summer 2023 with the international launch in November 2023. 

We are partnering with organisations, experts and networks from every sector and focus as we focus the public lens on what might be possible if we all worked together to imagine and build a greener, fairer, wiser future for everyone.

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