The Taxing Question of Land Value

by coalition.for.economic.justice in London

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The project is now finished, many thanks to all involved. Enjoy the film embedded above. We have an opportunity and we need your help to bring about change The problem is that people don't know enough about land value tax and this stops fundamental change from happening that would benefit us all. Whether your aim is equality, business investment, boosting the economy, job creation, the housing question, poverty, addressing urban sprawl / climate change / tax havens, land value tax is the answer and we want to get the message out there.

by coalition.for.economic.justice in London

2 days to go, £551 to raise and a traditional blog about the inspiration for the project

We are very grateful to all of our supporters.  Thank you for your interest and support.  A special mention goes to the School of Economic Science who have joined our largest sponsors list with a fantastic £2000 pledge.   We have £581 left to raise to reach our starter funding to create the project.  We are still looking for a further £5000 to reach the funding we will need to see the project through to completion and will be updating you all on our progress as we go.

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As we get closer to this project being real, I feel its time to talk about the aims of the project.  The project is designed to raise awareness about Land Value Tax, to educate and inform.  We live in economically troubled times, and with a growing deficit we are asking for a responsible fiscal stimulus. 

There is a better way to improve our economy than what is currently on offer.  And that is Land Value Tax. 

The main considerations in the news in recent years have been about raising VAT (or not) on pasties, or how fast we can cut the cost of delivering public services.  We have looked at a bedroom tax, a mansion tax and cutting the top rate of tax for the wealthiest in society.  There is the important consideration of how to make the UK attractive for businesses to be here as we may lose these job providers.  There is also the question of how to ensure that those businesses pay what is due rather than exploiting loopholes in our tax system. We also considered the Robin Hood tax, which was taken on by all of Europe apart from the UK and the Czech Republic.

For those of us who want some info and to enjoy the performance from Bill Nighy regarding the Robin Hood Tax, please enjoy this video called “The Banker”:

The Banker

There are divisions in the right and the left.  But there is also solidarity surrounding Land Value Tax.  Why is this? Why do we find politicians from all the major parties in support of Land Value Tax, including our own Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and President of the Board of Trade?  Why do a host of the UK’s top economists support Land Value Tax?  In 2010 The Institute of Fiscal Studies released the fantastic Mirrlees Review that examined the tax system, explained what would be preferable and explained why.  The report highlighted that Land Value Tax would be preferable to existing taxes on property. Land Value Tax was even supported by Winston Churchill, who explained that “land is not the only monopoly… but it is the mother of all monopolies”

When asked what the biggest arguments against Land Value Tax are, we are confronted with the answer that there is a lack of political will.  Caroline Lucas MP from the Green party put a bill in motion for the government to set up a committee who would look into the costs of implementing LVT in England only.  The bill failed to get through parliament.  Why is this? What is the basis of this lack of political will? 

There is the argument that the tax code, the rules upon which all taxes are governed, is very large and complex and to refine this will be complicated and will require training a new generation of tax consultants.  

I for one, refuse to allow the complexity of administration to stand in the way of a responsible fiscal stimulus that facilitates a booming economy.

We have leaders and economic experts telling us they have an answer to responsibly fix the economic problems in society and the answer from parliament is  ‘no’.  

But political leaders cannot ignore their own voters as easily and this is why making the documentary is so important.  Ordinary people need to know that huge change can be brought about that all can benefit from.

The aim of this project is to explain in a 20 min video what Land Value Tax is, what its benefits are, and queries how the UK can get ready for this change.

We have a problem and we need your help to bring about change.  The problem is that not enough people know about Land Value Tax and this stops fundamental change that would benefit us all.  The solution is to raise awareness, educate and inform.  One of the ways we can do this is to create a 20 min documentary that can bring Land Value Tax to life for the UK.

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