The Taxing Question of Land Value

by coalition.for.economic.justice in London

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The project is now finished, many thanks to all involved. Enjoy the film embedded above. We have an opportunity and we need your help to bring about change The problem is that people don't know enough about land value tax and this stops fundamental change from happening that would benefit us all. Whether your aim is equality, business investment, boosting the economy, job creation, the housing question, poverty, addressing urban sprawl / climate change / tax havens, land value tax is the answer and we want to get the message out there.

by coalition.for.economic.justice in London

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tonyv 28th May 2013

On behalf of the Professional Land Reform Group (PLRG -, who will be bankers for this project, I\'d like to invite you all - as valued subscribers to this project - to a General Meeting of PLRG this Friday 31st May at 2.30pm. The venue is the School of Economic Science, 11 Mandeville Place (near Bond Street underground). As well as reporting on the past two years of PLRG activities, we will be planning the way forward. We are also looking for volunteers to help manage our website and mailing lists, also core funding to pay for essential expenses. The current membership subscription is a \'suggested\' £10 per year but that is one of the important matters to discuss this Friday. Meanwhile all those who have pledged to the project are likely to be voted on as paid-up members of PLRG for the current year, in recognition of your contribution. I am about to upload a report on PLRG activities during the period May 2011 to now. Dr Tony Vickers Honorary Secretary PLRG [email protected]

coalition.for.economic.justice 23rd May 2013

Hello Ianggg Thank you for emailing this question via email to [email protected] Whilst I have answered to you via email I wanted to also post the response here: Hi Ian, Thank you for your email and comments. There are not actually any downsides to the theory of LVT - we have been asking various Directors of financial institutions to argue against it and actually are finding support to be total so far. There are political arguments against in the sense that there is changing the status quo requires much political will and courage. The issue is cross-party, in that the supporters come from all parties. That said, changing the tax system is a political difficulty. Indeed, I would be interested to find some hard evidence against LVT beyond the political difficulty. There are a host of other film resources available, I have reviewed many of them on the blog, you also might find - Real Estate for Ransom a useful film which is closest to what we will be doing and is the inspiration for a UK relevant project. We will distribute our film using youtube and vimeo as well as using it as an educational tool for workshops/seminars etc. We will also hold a launch event and invite the press. I\'m pleased to hear the chap in the video comes across well as I am that chap. The film is brought to you by The Coalition for Economic Justice (CEJ) who are a collaboration of UK think-tanks, charities, political campaigners and educators who believe in land value tax. I myself am an elected research officer in one of the organisations who belong to the CEJ. I am a documentary filmmaker and have spent the majority of my career in broadcast television making documentary, art television series and Shakespeare films. I hope this answers your questions, if you have any more or want more clarification please do get in touch and I\'ll be happy to answer you.

ianggg 10th May 2013

<p> Hi</p> <p> I've read through various posts on your website and also watched your video.</p> <p> I think you made reference to talking about the downsides of LVT (which presumably from your point of view are minimal!) Can you point me to where you look at this?</p> <p> Are there other organisations who have made similar productions to your proposed one?</p> <p> How do you intend to distribute your film?</p> <p> Lastly, who are you? I can't see a reference to people behind the organisation although the chap in the video comes over well.</p> <p> All the best</p> <p> Ian</p>


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