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The aim of The Writer’s Mark is to celebrate the writers from our past through theatre and art installations - launching with Franz Kafka.

by The Writer’s Mark in Brighton, , United Kingdom

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On the 16th January 2024 we'd raised £260 with 5 supporters in 21 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

1703461982_6d7dbb31-5973-40a3-b89a-f13544b06c2f.jpegMy name is Natasha Higdon and I am the Artistic Director for ‘The Writer’s Mark.’ Currently, The Writer’s Mark is completely self-funded, with the support of volunteers (actors, artists and helpers) and donations to make the project a success, for example, the donation of lighting equipment for all three performances from a theatre maker in our local community. The Writer’s Mark is due to commence 7th and 8th February 2024.1703461189_f7fb738d-3598-4f50-aa04-cfa5322638df.jpeg

The Writer’s Mark began as an idea to hold a ‘space’ where artists and performers could celebrate the life and works of writers from our past in a surrealist form - through interactive installations, ensemble performances and physical theatre. Back in the summer, I secured our venue at the wonderful Fabrica (an Arts venue in our City Centre) and have held auditions to begin the performance aspect of the event. The event involves several physical theatre performances that our both inspired by Franz Kafka’s life, his best friend Max Brod - with performances from nine stories from Contemplation. In addition to this, there will be art installations - Over the last few months we have advertised for local artists to be involved by creating/donating works especially for our first event in February 2024. I am delighted that local artists will be donating works and also making unique pieces soley for our launch that link to our celebrated writer - Franz Kafka. 1703454311_cd20cbbe-e852-47dc-bd79-21d0bf42d3f2.jpeg

I am reaching out to Crowd Funder for support, as the project ventures in to the next stage I would love to have funding to allow me to delegate specific roles and pay people for additional elements that would support the event. For example, the funding would go towards additional rehearsals in January, the costumes and sourcing of props that would compliment the general aesthetic of the show. I am currently making props myself, but I would require the support and help of professional puppeteers and theatre makers. Puppets feature throughout the theatre performances and I would love to have a specialist puppet maker to craft and form the puppets to support the story-telling and development of the piece - currently in rehearsals we’re using prototype puppets. In addition to this, presently I am paying for rehearsal fees and other out-goings. With the support of Crowd Funder, I could rehearse more so with my actors in preparation for the show and have funding to pay for materials for my artists to create their art installations - some may need additional materials/technician to install their work and it would be wonderful to have the financial support for this. 

Why do we need your help?1703454229_f21b1cfe-1f6a-43c3-8b86-dcf29017a44e.jpeg

The Writer’s Mark is a growing event that would flourish with your help. There are so many elements to this that need careful consideration, that currently there are no funds to support. This event is creating opportunities for local artists and theatre makers, whilst celebrating arguably one of the most influential writers of the 20th Century - Franz Kafka. Every little bit helps - with your support, we can make additional puppets for the show and have more complex set ideas. In addition to this, your funding would help pay a videographer to record and document the process of both our artists and actors as we approach the February show. Exposure and opportunities for our artists and actors is fundamental - getting the work documented is integral to the success of opportunities in potential festivals/theatres/arts venues/county’s/countries. Advertising is key and with your help we can purchase flyers, badges and posters to support our event and creating a bigger impact in the Sussex Community and supporting us in advertising our event further afield. With your support, we could fund admin support to assist with growing the event and marketing the event, in addition to this we could grow our research - allowing more time/resources for our actors and artists. 1703462046_e8954709-7229-4149-830a-d9b903c3701d.jpeg

Thank you for your time and donations - we really hope you can donate a small amount, however small - it all counts and goes towards sharing our art with you and others; whilst continuing to keep the words and themes of the writer alive through our community. 

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