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Our goal? Gain sponsorship and support to keep The V Word thriving and growing!

by The V Word in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom




We're The V Word, an award-winning online haven built by and for women veterans.

Think of us as the ultimate support network, only instead of just rocking killer heels, we also used to rock combat boots and unwavering determination! (Well some of us still do! #Guilty)


Our mighty tribe of almost 8,000 is across social media and our website, offering essential resources and peer-to-peer support for sisters-in-arms navigating every stage of the tricky transition from military to civilian life. 


We're also the proud hosts of the "Visible #WeSeeYou" podcast, where we amplify the voices and stories of these incredible women.

Why We Are Crowdfunding

Here's the jaw-dropping bit!

We started as a simple blog and blossomed into this force for good, all thanks to the sheer grit of our founder!

But with great power comes, well, not just responsibility, but the need for some serious resources!

So far this community has been funded solely by our founder, a model that is no longer sustainable due to our exponential growth.

That's where YOU come in!

We're not seeking handouts here; what we're after is backing and sponsorship. 

Remember, we're a community of strong military women!


Corporate Sponsorship Packages Available

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What We Will Use The Funds For

To keep this unstoppable force thriving, we need to invest in our website, its upkeep, plus podcast hosting, editing, and getting our message out there loud and clear. 

Don't worry, these are the real costs, not some fancy yacht fund! (I'm RAF anyway, sailing isn't my thing!)

This is a non-profit, so all sponsorship will be invested back into the community.

Here's the thing: women veterans are not charity cases.

They are amazing individuals who have accomplished incredible things!

However, the support systems they need often fall short, and our stories frequently go unheard.

That's why:


With your help, we can:

  • Keep The V Word humming: We're talking website maintenance, so our sisters can access vital resources 24/7.
  • Amplify the #WeSeeYou Podcast: Because these stories deserve to be heard loud and clear!
  • Spread The V Word: Every woman veteran deserves to know about The V Word! Let's bring our hidden community into the spotlight.

Need More?

We're more than just an online forum!

We are a force for change, providing resources, support, empowerment and more importantly a voice, for what is often called a 'hidden community'. 

We advocate for the needs of women veterans, pushing for inclusive practices in support, resources, and recognition.

We've contributed to research, been featured on BBC Woman's Hour, and partnered with various veterans' and non-veteran organisations to deliver the support and resources our community needs.

Most recently, we've collaborated with Recruit For Spouses to offer specialist coaching and mentoring for women veterans.

In short, we're driving significant change, and with your support, we can amplify our impact even further!


Our Goal? 

Our goal is to secure sufficient funding to cover our operational expenses and resources, and to elevate our website to the next level.

Our founder has advanced our community as much as possible on her own, and now it's time to call in the cavalry for additional support, to not only sustain it but also to continue its growth and development!

Why Support Us?

  • Empower Women Veterans: Your support helps women veterans harness their strengths, ensuring they have equal opportunities.
  • Foster Inclusion and Equity: Show the next generation of servicewomen that they belong to a community that values and includes everyone. Together, we can build a future where all women veterans are recognised and supported.
  • Make a Real Difference: Your contribution provides essential resources, builds meaningful connections, and amplifies the voices of women veterans. Every bit of support fosters a more inclusive and equitable environment.

Join us in making a lasting impact. 

Together, let's ensure these incredible women get the support and recognition they deserve. 

Let's create something extraordinary!


#WeSeeYou #TheVWord #SupportWomenVeterans

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