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by Uyghur Tribunal in London, England, United Kingdom

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The world is failing to impartially investigate a state accused of forced sterilisation, rape, organ harvesting, enslavement and apartheid. Allegations that the People's Republic of China has been committing crimes against humanity and/or genocide against the Uyghurs have not been addressed by any international court.

This is vital for human rights: we rely on a framework of international legal mechanisms to protect our human rights. Too often states have been unable or unwilling to utilise these mechanisms to properly investigate allegations against the PRC. This not only undermines the foundations of International Law, but has serious implications for all of our rights as human beings. It is essential that these allegations are fairly assessed.

The duty to provide an impartial judgment has fallen on a highly experienced team which includes Sir Geoffrey Nice QC. But Geoffrey needs your support to do this.

The First Hearings

From the 4th to 7th June the Uyghur Tribunal will be holding its first hearings. These are open to the public. To book a slot please follow this link:

There will also be an online live stream of the Hearings. Please follow us on Twitter @TribunalUyghur, Instagram #uyghurtribunal and LinkedIn @Uyghur Tribunal to receive information about the live stream closer to the date.

A Tribunal for the People by the People.

The Uyghur Tribunal is an Independent People's Tribunal set up to provide an objective judgment on whether China is committing crimes against humanity and/or genocide against the Uyghurs and other Muslims.

Depending on the judgment, the Tribunal could pressure states, individuals and international organisations to consider how they interact with the People's Republic of China, as well as potentially giving alleged victims some sense of peace. For FAQS about the Tribunal click here.

“The commission of Genocide against the Uyghurs by the People’s Republic of China has been alleged but never properly explored on evidence. The Uyghur Tribunal will start without assumption or presumption of any kind, review evidence, consider all available arguments and reach a judgment”, Sir Geoffrey Nice QC.


Geoffrey being interviewed by ITV news about the Uyghur Tribunal

Led by a highly experienced team.

The Tribunal is run by independent individuals with significant expertise and experience in their respective fields. They don't represent states or international organisations; their job is to act on behalf of the people.


To see the team's full credentials click here

There should be no price on justice.

Tribunals have often take years and cost millions, and in at least two cases a billion. A people's tribunal can through efficiency and the motivation of its participants deliver a judgment relatively rapidly and at a fraction of the cost.

Lead Counsel, the Lead Researcher and Members of the Tribunal amongst others, will provide their services pro bono (they will be able to recover travel and if necessary hotel costs). However, due to the scale of the endeavour it is considered appropriate that other participants may be remunerated albeit at a fraction of commercial rates, reflecting the commitment of all those who have agreed to participate in this important endeavour. Our researchers are already dealing with masses of evidence; we need to able to fund this research.

We have carefully calculated that we need to raise £285,000 to conduct the whole Tribunal; this is not possible without the generous donations of our supporters. For detailed spending report click here.


Lord Alton supporting the Tribunal in the House of Lords

We can't complete this Tribunal without your support.

Many people take justice for granted, but often justice has to be sought after. This tribunal is not possible without the contributions of people who care about justice and creating an objective record of the truth.

For full details of the Tribunal please visit our website at

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