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Why did I write Hikaru: Name above all Names?

In 2021 my first book, Stuck in the Mud: Stories of Hope for when you're Stuck, was released. In the book, I spoke about relationships, struggling with disappointment, loss and hope for the future. When that book was finished, It dawned on me that young people could do with a book that deals with the same subject matter, so I began writing Stuck in the Mud again for a younger audience. I ended up writing a young reader novel that I think will help Stir spiritual curiosity in young people.


Am I asking you to fund my Novel?

One of the rewarding aspects of writing Hikaru has been the support I've had from two charitable trusts who supported me directly in writing the book and funded all the artwork. I've also been incredibly fortunate to find an incredible design and media company who have also supported the project. What that means for you is that everything you help me raise will go directly into putting a version of it in the hands of young people as part of school-based workshops.


Working Synopsis of Hikaru: Name above all names

Hikaru: Name above all names is one story told from four completely different points of view: Ningen's, Miyako's, Hikaru's and mine, the author.

The synopsis below isn't necessarily the point of view I prefer, but it is one way to look at it.

'Miyako was the greatest warrior in the Royal Guard and enjoyed the closest relationship with the rulers of the Eternal Dimension. Kana, Hikaru & Seirei ruled with all the wisdom of true leaders, but every warrior knew the legend which told of the 'name above all names,' who would one day emerge to rule them all. 

Miyako knew Kana, Hikaru & Seirei well enough to understand they would never seek more status, but when he entertains the idea that he himself might become the 'name above all names,' jealousy takes him over, and a dark shadow corrupts his already troubled mind. 

As time passes, Kana, Hikaru & Seriei introduce someone new to the mortal dimension, a man they call Ningen. When Miyako learns what they're doing, he lashes out, setting them all on a journey through dimensions and time in a desperate chase to stop him, save Ningen, and restore the future.'


What makes Hikaru a good Gospel presentation?

The Hikaru story is told from four unique perspectives, the fourth being mine, the author. However, the first three perspectives are complete stories which follow the life and times of our helpless hero, Ningen. 

One of the most critical aspects of Ningen as a character is that without Kana, Hikaru and Seirei, he's utterly unable to succeed. He's created, and loved, then messes it all up and gets stuck. Then he's rescued and made whole in his weakness. He's our hero, and the story revolves around him. Still, Hikaru is the real protagonist, and he saves Ningen despite Miyako's best efforts to do away him.

At the end of the story, a presentation of the Gospel is written from my perspective. Here's the first part of that section.


Hungry? - Sample Chapter from the epilogue to the Hikaru story

I love to cook. One day I'm cooking for my family, and my kids are in the next room playing on their games console. It's a familiar scene in our house; probably the same in yours.

"Guys, can you set the table, please?" I call from the kitchen.

Of course, there's no response.

"Hey! I need the table laid!" I shout, my voice taking on a frustrated, gruff tone.

Ten or so minutes pass, and I'm still cooking. The table's still unlaid, and the kids are fighting, or building, or driving on their game. But then an amazing, mystical thing happens.

As the food I'm cooking begins to get hot, tiny particles jump out and surf the steam all the way out of the kitchen and into the living room. Without my kids having any idea why, they start to feel hungry.

The tiny particles have made it all the way to the other side of the living room, and my son has a thought and shouts through to me in the kitchen, "Daddy! What's for dinner?"

He has no idea that I'd called for them to set the table ten minutes ago, and he has no idea that his brain has been infiltrated by the smell of the food. But now, and only now, he's completely ready to listen.

"Hey, mate," I calmly respond, "it's pizza. Would you like to set the table?"

And, of course, now he's feeling hungry, the table gets laid in two minutes flat: he sets out flowers, candles, the best cutlery, bone china, a beautiful tablecloth, and somehow, he's also got completely changed into his best clothes and soon he's sitting up ready to eat with a napkin tucked into his collar like a bib.

Why are we talking about dinner?

Have you ever had anyone try to tell you about Jesus, or try to explain the Trinity? Maybe you've even had someone try to help you understand sin and death and why Jesus had to die, only to be left feeling like your brain checked out before you even arrived.

Honestly, until you're ready, until you're hungry, you may not even be capable of understanding about Jesus. Just as my son wasn't able to hear it was dinner time until he was hungry, you won't be passionate about Jesus until you sense God for yourself.

And if this is true, then you might need to chill out about it.

So, you don't fully get Jesus yet? It's fine. I don't get it all either. But I do want to, and so I ask God to reveal what I need to know as I read the Bible and listen to the people who are trying to teach me.

Now, what's all of this got to do with this book you're holding? You might not have realised, but you've just read a lot of important things about Jesus and our relationship with Him in a fictional story.

In the following five mini chapters, you're going to read about who all the main characters are, and what they've got to do with Jesus and you.

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