The Solutions - Business and Democracy Commission

by Jericho Chambers in Surbiton, Greater London, United Kingdom

The Solutions - Business and Democracy Commission

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The Business & Democracy Commission is an ambitious initiative to help recast the relationship between business and democracy.

by Jericho Chambers in Surbiton, Greater London, United Kingdom

Businesses are an intrinsic part of a healthy, functioning society - but to what extent do they have a responsibility to participate in democratic or political issues? 

Donate and help us on a journey to uncover the intricate relationship between business and democracy with our Stage Two crowdfund

Following the successful release of the Interim report, which explores the key challenges in the evolving relationship between business and democracy, we begin the second phase of this programme: to present actionable ideas to help fix, or at least start to fix, the relationship, especially in terms of what businesses can proactively contribute and collaborate with others.

The challenges at the heart of the Commission’s enquiry will include:

  • What is the most effective and authentic role of a business in a healthy democratic society and how practically can this be achieved? 
  • What are the dangers/ benefits of a business going beyond obeying laws and regulations and engaging in active political topics?
  • What does stakeholder, as opposed to shareholder, capitalism mean when it comes to democratic engagement?

This research will help us to understand the challenges businesses face and set out practical steps for a more effective corporate and business role in this fast-changing democratic and political context.

This project, instigated by Jericho with partners the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and Ipsos will come up with concrete steps business can take to thrive in more political times and help shape a democracy that works for business, society and the environment.

Sir Ian Cheshire, chair of the commission, and commissioners have overseen the publication of the interim report and continue their support as we look to suggest new and refreshing ways forward. Our commissioners include:

  • Baroness Denise Kingsmill, Labour Peer and Member of the Board of Directors of Inditex
  • Mete Coban, CEO, My Life My Say
  • Robin Hodess, Strategy Lead, The B Team
  • Anthony Zacharzewski, President, The Democratic Society
  • Alastair McCapra, Chief Executive, CIPR
  • Matthew Painter, Managing Director, Ipsos Corporate Reputation'
  • Ruth Yeoman, Fellow, Kellogg College, University of Oxford

Working at the intersection of business, public policy, and activism Jericho helps sectors and organisations navigate the challenges and opportunities they face – not by papering over cracks but by finding meaningful common good solutions and building strong alliances for change.

We are looking for crowdfunding for half of the £60k support we need to give us the time and the resources to:

  • Examine the data on the relationship between business success and healthy democracies 
  • Interview a raft of key stakeholders to build up a picture of best practice
  • Write, publish and disseminate the final Commission Report outlining the key steps 
  • Begin to build a coalition of the willing in and around business to push the debate forward  

We know that waiting in the wings are populists of the left and right who want democracy to fail – we cannot allow that to happen. Business must now step up. 

Thanks for your support in conducting this vital research. There’s never been a more important time to investigate the relationship between business and democracy.

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