The Slow Cooker Project

by John Thurston in Woking, England, United Kingdom

The Slow Cooker Project


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I am raising money to purchase slow cookers. These will be given to needy families on our Estate, helping them cook nutricious food.

by John Thurston in Woking, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Purchase more slow cookers for needy faamilies.

I live on a council estate, in the Woking, Surrey area, and over recent months have realised how many difficulties some of our neighbours have encountered. As a result of the pandemic many have suffered financially. Shortened working hours and redundancies have all taken their toll on families, many of whom struggled to make ends meet before Covid hit us. I have recently heard of eight successful  Projects, in the UK, in different Counties. Each have raised funds to purchase slow cookers. "Why would you want to do that?" Well, the idea is that families who are struggling in these tough times will use the cookers to enable them to cook inexpensive nutricious  food. This uses a very small amount of energy and keeps costs to a minimum. Cheaper cuts of meat and any  vegetables can be used to make delicious, tasty, meals.
Another great benefit is to batch cook. A decent Slow Cooker costs around £20.00. WANTED. 100 lovely people to donate £5.00 each. Thank you for listening.    

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