The Sister Sister Pathfinder

by The Sister Sister Global Network CIC in London, England, United Kingdom

The Sister Sister Pathfinder

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We are launching The Pathfinder Programme to help women across the UK turn their ideas into businesses!

by The Sister Sister Global Network CIC in London, England, United Kingdom

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The Sister Sister Network is a registered (12213422) social-enterprise contributing to women's empowerment and gender balance through grass-root, community led leadership capacity-building and skills enhancement programmes for women.

Most women only access these crucial skills and capacity-building interventions at the discretion of their employers or if they can afford personal sponsorship. Our work is to be an accessible and inclusive pathway to business and career leadership development as well as creating a platform for women to connect and enrich their networks globally. 

Our diverse global community of over 10,000 women, leadership development programmes boost confidence, growth, and community through storytelling, knowledge transfer, and networking opportunities specifically designed to provide support for women and help them succeed in their chosen fields. From business owners to career professionals and future leaders our events offer advice, peer support, coaching, and guidance on key issues impacting women today.


Humanitarian crises, including health emergencies affect men and women differently globally. In Europe, women are more likely than men to be in occupations where there is a high risk of Covid-19 infection. 

In America, all the 150,000 jobs that were lost in December, were all held by women (CNN, 2020).

In the UK, The Fawcett Society found in October that women were more likely than men to lose work or be burdened with childcare in the crisis.

Tangible Support for Women - About Arise Pathfinder

According to the UN Women, recovery efforts must reach women in five key ways to mitigate the negative economic impacts of COVID-19 on women.

  • Direct income support to women 
  • Support for women-owned and -led businesses
  • Support for women workers
  • Support for informal workers 
  • Reconciliation of paid and unpaid work

The Arise Pathfinder is a gender-focused Covid-19 response initiative designed to provide five women from various backgrounds, experiences and communities in the UK with life changing business support to help them turn their business ideas into successful startups.

This capacity-building and skills acquisition programme will equip the participants  to pursue entrepreneurial ventures and up-skill in the areas of leadership, business-know how, technology, soft-skills, financial management and project management.

This six weeks programme will be packed with intersectional (taking into account the many challenges women face when they have multiple protected characteristics)  business building advice and support. Each woman will also be given a laptop at the commencement of the programme and a cash award of £500 each at the end of the programme to help them launch their business.

Our Aim

Our aim is to boost prosperity and mitigate the harsh impacts of COVID-19 by focusing on the acquisition of digital skills, basic technology /computing skills, business building, business development, business funding and leadership skills as well as a cash award for successful participants to start-up their enterprises.                               


Beyond the negative impact of Covid-19 identified above, our in-house survey of our  10000+ members found that the top two challenges that women face in business were lack of access to funding and tangible mentoring / advice. 

In response to these unique challenges, The Arise Accelerator Programme will offer tangible grass-root focused support to women who are in need of concrete entrepreneurial support to move from idealisation to start-up.

We know that there is a significant amount to work to do to promote more inclusion in business for women, and we believe that by creating a programme that appeals to these specific needs of direct cash and 1-2-1 mentoring we can contribute meaningfully to financial inclusion.

Our Diversity Aims

In keeping through with our diverse outlook, we are seeking to create a c cohort of 5 women from all backgrounds, especially women who come from traditionally excluded groups. 

Ongoing Support

Beyond the 6 weeks programme, participants will also have access to a peer-to-peer support WhatsApp group  with a dedicated business coach for 12 months and, full exposure into our international community of 10,000 female leaders.

•       Selected participants will be gifted digital tools including a business laptop which will be couriered to them ahead of the programme’s commencement.

•       The cohort will have a dedicated coach who will mentor, and support delegates over the 6-week programme. 

•       Each module will be led by experts, coaches and relevant storytellers to offer information and inspiration for action. 

•       The delegates will have the opportunity to network amongst themselves and with an incredible group of mentors and experts that will facilitate various sessions. 

•       The delegates will retain access to their coach 12 months after the Programme to offer them ongoing support as they continue navigating the complex challenges of entrepreneurship – This will be facilitated via WhatsApp.

We hope you can help us make this dream come true and set five undoubtedly talented women on the path of business greatness.


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