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by Eagle Media House in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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A daughter seeks redemption as she embarks on a road trip to spread her migrant father's ashes and reconcile with her cultural identity.

by Eagle Media House in London, Greater London, United Kingdom



The Return of The Osprey tells the story of a woman who cannot find a way to forgive her father after having forced her and her Mother to immigrate to England from West Africa. Following his death, Diana undertakes a journey to scatter his ashes, while at the same time release her anger and frustration.


Director’s Statement:

Santiago Giraldo Arboleda

This is not an everyday-story, because although talking about migration in Europe is a daily issue, most of the intimate stories of the ethnic minorities go untold. Migrating is a condition that exposes us to a cultural shock that makes us lose a part of our identity. That part becomes fused with the adrenaline necessary to survive the clash with another culture. Whoever migrates faces the possibility of losing themself, and of losing their loved ones.

This film is a road trip to the edge of the British isles. That space that connects the land with the sea, the solid with the fluid, the controllable with the malleable, the certain with the uncertain. It is a story that connects me with my relationship with my family, which although it never forced me to leave my country of origin, Colombia, the possibility of leaving was always present. Leaving behind a territory that, although hostile, is our home. Is it okay to migrate? Is it the best decision? Maybe it is not. Maybe there is no such thing as a bad or good decision. It's just a decision.

This story offers some contrasts where drama is mixed with comedy. A comedy that is existential, that is rebellious and black. A comedy to represent the absurd, the sad, the painful, and that collapses with the incredible, the transformative and the laughter. The best decision is always moving forward and letting go of everything that needs to go.


Directors Bio:

Santiago Giraldo Arboleda

Santiago is a Colombian film director. He has focused his career on exploring transmedia narratives through music and moving images. His latest documentary “La Mirada Desnuda” (2020) was funded by the Colombian Government, and premiered in the FICCI 2020 (Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena de Indias) winning the Best Documentary Short Film prize at the Festival de Cine de Jardín. It has since featured on MUBI. 

Santiago also has a background in music. His great interest in combining filmmaking with music has led him to create and direct two Transmedia Exhibitions. One called 'Trayectos Invisibles,' where he explores the aesthetics of memory, landscape, and the human body. Other films Santiago has directed include Blue Buttercream (2024) and Zoe (2024). Currently he works as a creative director at Eagle London Agency. With them he has directed three TV commercials for the NHS and is currently developing three new short films focused on Migration. He is also currently working on his debut feature film.


Screenwriter's Bio:

Matt D. Young

Matt is a Screenwriter, Novelist, Poet and Non-fiction writer. He has written five feature length scripts, one Sci-Fi novel, countless poems + short stories.

After taking a writing course with world renowned Hollywood screenwriter Aaron Sorkin in 2017, he began honing his craft in script writing for TV + Film. Matt believes film has the power to shape and inspire positive change in the world and his work is in service to this ideal. His strengths are in his ability to create honest narratives around challenging subject matter, his open-mindedness and his willingness to collaborate with others.

At the moment, Matt is a creative copywriter at Eagle London Agency where he’s written TV + Print adverts, journalistic articles and web copy, while working closely with the Creative Director, Santiago.

Producers Bio:

Philip Osei-Hwere + Martin Anncou 

Philip and Martin started Eagle Media House, a Ghanaian owned media agency ('Eagle London Agency') 20 years ago with the simple vision of creating productions that spoke to and on behalf of the ethnic community. They’ve produced Documentary Films for Ghana’s Government organisations, Commercials for the NHS and now short-film narrative pieces that are aimed at exposing the triumphs of West Africa, the differences in diverse community messaging and the importance of cultural credibility.


Producers Statement:

Eagle Media House:

Primarily a Marketing + Communications Agency specialising in speaking to minority demographics, Eagle Media House is diversifying its media production back into the Feature Documentary + Short Film space. We feel that as a company that speaks on behalf of the Ethnic Community there are voices out there who may not have the financial means to add to the cultural conversation.

We create ‘Culturally Credible’ stories. Our task in this is to connect the cultural dots that audiences cannot see. We know where to look for them. We know how to speak to them. And, we know what they need. It’s this passion and knowledge that we wish to expose to the general public at large with our documentaries and short-films. People deserve to be heard, and people deserve to hear them. 

The breadth and scope of cultural diversity in the UK is truly magical, and even though the public accepts this as a truth, they rarely see it for themselves. We, 'Eagle Media House,' wish to give wings to this truth, so that the British Public can see the country from our perspective; an Eagle eye’s view of the wonderfully detailed mosaic of culture we have in our little corner of the world.


Production Manager Bio:

Fiona Oxlade:

Fiona is a Creative Producer/Director of Peranakan and European descent, educated in the USA and England. Her career began in live events before moving into broadcast, where she worked on entertainment and sports shows for Sky. Fiona has delivered projects internationally, and now looks to progress into high-end television and feature films. Her goal is to take audiences on a cinematic journey, sparking curiosity through inspiring and intimate stories.

Lead Role Actress Bio:

Amelia Parillon:

Amelia Parillon is a London based British Caribbean Creative. She's been a professional performer for many years and is multi-disciplined across; TV, Stage, Film and Radio/Voiceover. Theatre is her first love but Media (TV + Film) is an area she's enjoying exploring.

Her Credits include: 

Film: TRIBAL MARK, Big Smoke /1Plus1. SEEKING REFUGE, Global Vision Production. TRAUMA, Zems Productions.


Theatre: Knowing Me, Knowing You, London Tour. Dare To Dream, Arts Depot. The Grim, Brighton Fringe Festival & Vaults. Drag Baby, King's Head Theatre. 



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