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by The Perranwell Centre Charity in Truro, Cornwall, United Kingdom

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Help us raise money to finalise our architectural design for improving The Perranwell Centre, before we can start building!

by The Perranwell Centre Charity in Truro, Cornwall, United Kingdom

The Perranwell Centre is a vital part of the local community, in the heart of Cornwall. With the support of all its local groups, we want to secure its future and increase the opportunities for local residents now and for future generations.

The hall has served community groups within the Parish and surrounding districts for over 65 years.

Read on to hear about the hall's history and how you can support us in our ambitious plans.


What is the vision?

The trustees have embarked on an ambitious solution to improve facilities for the local community. They are looking to replace the existing centre with an Arts Hall allowing more availability for theatre, music and dance, a space to support creativity. Alongside that would be a Sports Hall which would broaden the opportunity to have more provision than the existing badminton and bowls.

The two halls would also allow for increasing usage from Perran-Ar-Worthal Primary School which will be increasingly vital as the school continues to grow. The importance of the hall to the school became apparent during Covid and has remained so since.

The vital core at the heart of the redevelopment will be the establishment of a space to host the Ruth Collins Day Centre which will be run by Age UK Cornwall to provide much needed care to support an ageing population in the surrounding community. Two halls would also mean that we could achieve the redevelopment without closing our existing facilities.

What are we fundraising for?

To support the creation of the future finalised design that can then proceed to further consultation and seek planning permission.

For more information about the development and the plans so far, please visit our website here.

The Stage 2 Design was essentially a wish list that incorporated all ideas for the redevelopment. Since that design discussion with the football club has meant that the Club house will no longer be included in the Perranwell Centre. It is now recognised that the development of the playing field is vital not only to allow the football club to progress but also to offer more facilities to the whole community. That in turn will mean the re-siting of the Club House.

The pre-school, following the disruption of Covid, has had to close so that will no longer be included in the design, though we welcome the arrival of an energetic mother and toddler group.

What has become increasingly important since Covid is the home that the centre can offer to groups that directly benefit the ageing local population. The Centre currently hosts Coffee Stop, Memory Cafe, Wellbeing Group and recently the Loyal Bees dedicated to support people by offering care in their homes. The redevelopment will add the Ruth Collins Day Centre which has been a long awaited resource for a local community which has the highest ageing population in Cornwall.

The purpose of this Crowdfunder is to take another step on the road to providing a centre that will be an asset to all in the community. It will not only help to provide the money to fund the new design but it will also be the means by which the trustees can directly talk to and listen to individuals and groups in the local community. Let's take these steps together.

Who will you be supporting?


A huge variety of local community groups rely on the hall and will benefit from these improvements. We are the home for badminton, health and fitness, dance, martial arts, am-dram productions, community events, concerts, specialist group meetings, kids' clubs, card games, committee meetings, election polling station, social value group and private parties (and much more!). You can see that the centre is a huge community hub.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Community events which are held regularly to bring together the local residents. The centre recently hosted a Coronation Tea Party, which saw around 200 people coming together as a community to celebrate!1683826350_imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-zdw6gbbghg9tv_(1).jpeg
  • Local theatre groups who use the space for rehearsal and performance - the performances also provide entertainment for residents. A separate theatre space will welcome travelling theatre groups and allow other activities to continue at the centre during a performance week.1665560623_1665560620621.png
  • Social spaces for elderly residents - the centre provides a location for the elderly to connect and combat loneliness. The new plans also offer social care and a specific community space for these people. The elderly community was massively impacted by the COVID pandemic and it is vital that they have a community space.1665560923_1665560921620.png
  • Sporting facilities - many sporting groups for the old and young use the centre. A separate sporting hall means that these offerings can be extended.
  • The local school relies greatly on the centre for all aspects of the growth of its students. It also offers opportunities for continued learning and education for all ages, with a history club and events by the University of the Third Age.1665561082_1665561079890.png
  • Social activities for marginalised groups, such as the memory cafe, are hugely important to local residents.

A little bit of background...

On 2 June 1963 the original Nissen Hut hall opened on land donated by Horace Visick, intended as a community space. This later became the Perran ar Worthal Village Memorial Hall, which is now run by an incorporated charity, the Perranwell Centre.


Initial users included the local Women's Institute, who still use the centre as base today. Regular fundraising and community events were held in the space, before it was replaced by the present day hall in 1971. Read more about our history here.

As time has gone on, the opportunities offered by the hall have grown, and the hall simply is not equipped to support its local groups to their full potential. The centre celebrates its rich and vibrant history, though is also keen to ensure the space is established as a leading community pillar for future generations.

How can you help?

  • Donations to our fundraiser are greatly appreciated
  • Running your own fundraiser project alongside ours
  • Offering rewards to encourage donations
  • Spreading the word! Please contact us for a poster to display in your business or home window

On behalf of The Perranwell Centre Community - thank you for your support!

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