The Organic Community Foodbank

by Shane Matthew in South Mundham, England, United Kingdom

The Organic Community Foodbank

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To provide access to a year round supply of fresh, free range, and organic produce for the whole community!

by Shane Matthew in South Mundham, England, United Kingdom

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, Crimsham Farm CIC provided vital food deliveries to over 7,500 people in the local area. During this time, we noticed ourselves, even using wholesale food suppliers, that there was a drastic shortage of seasonal British produce. Furthermore, and even more importantly, we noticed how many people could not afford the basic foods needed in order to survive on a day to day basis.

We think that it is disgusting, unnecessary and beyond reproach that in this modern age, people in this country are still struggling to buy food and provide for their families, either through cost, lack of access or personal circumstances. As such, we would like to make this change!

Our latest project will see over 1/3 of our site, transformed into a huge community based grow space comprising of 40 raised planting beds, rotating quarterly and being planted with as much fresh fruit and veg as we can possibly cram in!

This produce will then be distributed to our community, free of charge, via our community partners at the food bank and other local CIC's.

The ability for anyone to be able to access fresh, whole fruit and veg is a necessity in this modern age of fast food and easy meals. The food banks are a vital lifeline for a large proportion of people nowadays and, although the work they do is vital and in some cases, lifesaving, there is always a lack of fresh produce available. We want to change this!

By supporting this initiative, you will be supporting everyone in the community, not just the vulnerable, the young, the elderly, but everyone! One day, you may find yourself in a position, through no fault of your own, where you need help with food, so why not start to help right now!

All donations will be put directly into the purchase cost of materials and seeds to create the largest independently run community allotment in the county, providing up to 30 tonne of fresh fruit and veg per year to the community.

Surplus will not go to waste, it will be fed to our animals, in turn helping the farm cut operating costs! If we get real lucky and get a bumper crop and find we have too much to simply give away, you may even see us at a farmers market, selling the excess to raise vital funds for another part of the project.

We hope that the community will come together and help us put an end to food poverty, and put us in a position where by next spring, no matter what happens in this crazy world we are living in, we are prepared for anything and more importantly, prepared to once again spring into action and help our community!!!!  

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