The Nurture My Nature Kids' snowboard/ski

by NMN Kids! in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

The Nurture My Nature Kids' snowboard/ski
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The children of Nurture My Nature CIC are taking part in a sponsored snowboard/ski at the UK's longest indoor ski slope!

Some fantastic children linked with Nurture My Nature CIC have decided to take part in a sponsored snowboard/ski at the UK's longest indoor ski slope!  They are hoping to complete a minimum of 2km per child which in all honesty makes me feel a little dizzy even thinking about it!!  The children taking part are all between the 5-10 age group so this is a huge task for even a well practised snowboarder/skier!  

If you can sponsor even a fiver - about the price of a fancy coffee! - this will go a huge way towards getting the centre open and the space ready for all of the children to enjoy which is going to massively help the community.

Here is what Nurture My Nature CIC say:

"Our vision is to have a safe space for all children to attend to follow their interests and to explore new ones, particularly things which may not always be available to them otherwise.  Now that we have secured our premises, this is where we need some help!  So far the project has been entirely self funded by myself because i truly believe it will be such an amazing asset to the children in our community and I know that we have so much to offer them here.  We are looking to raise funds to ensure that our centre can open as quickly as possible with a goal of Summer 2024!  100% of any funds raised will go to the centre and it's opening, then anything after that will go into funding children's groups and activities.

NMN will be offering multiple cross-curricular sessions ranging from home education topic sessions, science clubs, book clubs, after school clubs, theme park visits, photography club, monthly workshops, day trips, construction clubs, BSL, bushcraft skills, local nature sessions and something I am very proud of - 'The Village' - a social meet for parents and their children to meet, chat and find like minded friends in their local area.  The list of sessions we have to offer really is very extensive but the common theme with the sessions is nature, the world around us and hands on learning.  By being able to keep our sessions small we find that this has a really positive impact on the kids and is a perfect setting for all children including those who are a little anxious of busy spaces, or for any SEN children."

Thank you all for taking the time to read this far and for considering donating!!!




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