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The aim of our project is to connect people World-Wide with opportunities to explore the creativity with no limits.

by Wdgaf Raw in Jamaica

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On the 6th August 2020 we'd raised £530 with 22 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Why Expressing through Art is Important.

Art can be perceived  however the viewer chooses. Our understanding of Art is  that its expressed in many different forms of communication, allowing it to become a bilingual language that portrays and translates past, present and future events such as: trials, tribulations and accomplishments of themselves or others. We see art as the base of every ethnic background, cultural aspects of an individuals own historical/spiritual connection with oneself and their ancestors. Art is unique to the person's beliefs, thoughts, feelings and experiences. Art is also a social form of expression, being used over centuries to bring people together , exploring thoughts and feelings of the human experience through life.  Art can be anything, it is freedom to portray what you might not be able to say and is unique and individual to that person. There is no right and wrong to how you showcase your creativity, there is no restrictions to how you share and what you share, it provides you with the ability to create what you want and how you want, through openness and vulnerability. Art supplies the person with a different way to create and release your mind and body, enhancing a deeper and healthier connection between them, as art can be produced through a physical and mental form.

Our Way of Working.

Our work is focused on bringing issues that individual artists have experienced. Having a strong opinion and creating movement, music and other visual arts to bring awareness and attention to them. The reason we chose to bring awareness through art is due to people having more of a longer interest and it targets wider audiences. 

Raw art forms are being brought together through their concerns and having the confidence and power to share them with our community. We encourage you to speak your mind and share your problems as we can help you to change society’s ways within the world. Societies should not put limitation caps on our creativity and our ideal ways of living. 

What We will Offer to Rural Areas within Jamaica.

Wdgaf raw offers a multidisciplinary creative arts platform. Offering a variety of methodology and technique training which includes a range of movement styles and creative art forms, alongside educational vocational training, which is not usually seen in institutionalised education. As a creative arts company we encourage our learning strategies developing the ongoing discovery of how individuals learn and receive information, as everyone is different and we really emphasise this. We invest in the continuous journey between social interaction and communal growth, creating a sense of community and unity, allowing the arts community to further develop their physical training  along a side encouraging a place of creativity and development which deepens the understanding of the self and others. Wdgaf raw will provide an open collaboration between like minded and visionary artists around the world. This will give a chance to network internationally, providing connections and alliances for communities through art, the exchange of cultures and languages. Using creative tools, conversations and techniques to enhance and assist education systems that lack resources to allow opportunities for learning and growing through dance and art education, we want to help address societal issues and provide solutions around the world, ensuring the empowerment to individuals who want to narrate their own stories. This will be provided  through a variety of workshops, classes, festivals, choreography and performances. Sharing knowledge through the exchange of teaching, collaborations and creations. (Please email for further information).

Plan of action;

If we meet our minimum of £20,000, the break down would be:

* Travel costs - £800 per person (trip to Jamaica) 2 - 5 people.

£1600 - £4000.

* Accommodation - £70 per person per day (trip to Jamaica) 2 - 5 people.

Duration : 1 month at least.

£3920 - £11,760.

If we meet our maximum of £100,000, the break down would be:

* Travel costs - £800 per person (trip to Jamaica) 2 - 5 people.

£1600 - £4000.

* Accomodation - £70 per person per day (trip to Jamaica) 2 - 5 people.

Duration : 1 month at least.

£3920 - £11,760.

* Land - £20,000 - £30,000.

*Building Equipment - £6,000 - £10,000.

*Creative equipment and Technology supplies - £10,000 - £20,000.

If we meet these goals we will be able to build a strong platform for all artists involved to professionally represent themselves, perform internationally and gain experience. We will be able to increase the amount of opportunities we offer our artists as we will not have a limitation of money. If we raise our target we will invest into our community opening more opportunity for all ages and ability in more areas that are inactive.

We are constantly updating our social media to keep our audience up to date with our progression and exploration.


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