The Improbable Truth

by The Improbable Truth Exhibition in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

The Improbable Truth

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The Improbable Truth is a group exhibition in response to London's history of crime and relationship to violence.

by The Improbable Truth Exhibition in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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On the 11th March 2023 we'd raised £275 with 8 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

The Improbable Truth

When: 15th April 2023- 5th May 2023

Where: Kupfer, Unit 5, The Textile Building, 2a Belsham St, London E9 6NG 

Who: Anaïs Comer, Celeste McEvoy, and Maddy Plimmer. Curated by Sophie Agocs

It is impossible to move through the city of London without being made aware of the violence that cohabitates with us. Sometimes we see it in brochures for crime walking tours. Sometimes we see it in pubs, bars, events, and merchandise named after historical killers, and sometimes it appears in places as obvious as museums. Markings of violence and crime blend so seamlessly with the architecture and landscape of London that the city’s association with crime history has become one of its central selling points for curious tourists. The goal of this exhibition is to ask Londoners and all those who venture to this city to think deeper about this history and synonymy with crime and how it impacts the way we live and navigate this city today. We ask audiences to remember that “when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”( Sherlock Holmes, The Sign of Four 1890.)

Three London-based artists; Anaïs Comer, Celeste McEvoy, and Maddy Plimmer will create works in response to a few of the most prominent examples of London’s particularly fetishistic obsession with crime; The Jack the Ripper Museum, The Clink, and The Sherlock Holmes Museum. In each visit to these museums, the artists have been asked to translate their emotional, intuitive, and analytical responses to the displays, collections and histories they encountered into new commissioned works of art to be presented in this exhibition. The Improbable Truth is an exhibition which seeks to analyse and reconsider local representations of gender, criminality, and police

This exhibition will raise awareness of issues of public safety for all who traverse the city’s streets and attempt to change cultural attitudes towards the treatment of crime in our society. These artworks will expose our collective treatment of histories and phenomena that not only mitigate the impact of trauma, but also contribute to a culture of misogyny and sexism that continues to do harm. 

It is necessary that we secure the funding for this exhibition so that we can bring these ambitions to life.

The funds raised for this exhibition will be split evenly among the exhibition’s artists and curator. 

The Improbable Truth is supported and hosted by Kupfer. 100% of their profits go towards their artistic programme so as a guest collaboration with the gallery, funding from this project will come fully from the help of this crowdfunder. This project is completely reliant on crowdfunding and the support of our friends, family and community. We received 0 funding in grants or public funds and have no fiscal or corporate sponsor. Therefore as a grassroots project this exhibition will not be possible without the generous help of those around us. We are beyond grateful for all types of support we are able to receive. Thank you!

Some things your donation will help cover:

  • Cost of materials for production of new artworks

  • Payment and fees to support three emerging, early career women artists, and one emerging curator

  • Cost of pricey logistics such as transportation, printing, installation, and insurance

  • Costs of marketing and outreach to help us reach as wide and broad a community as possible

  • Payment and fees for invited guest speakers and workshops which allow audiences to interact with the exhibition and become an active part of the show.

Now, here are some things you'll get in return:

As part of our fundraising efforts, the artists of the Improbable Truth have each created limited edition pre-sale works for the show, available only to those who donate to fund this exhibition.

Each of the items listed below are affordable and accessible original pieces handmade by artists and inspired by the theme of this show.

New items will be released each week, so here's a list of what's to come:

Reward Items include:

1. Bite/Bitten - Handmade Cotton Underwear designed by Maddy Plimmer

2. Pewter Violet Charms - Pewter Charms for Pendants or Wall Hanging by Anaïs Comer

3. Sleeping Voyeurs - Handmade Soy Candles by Maddy Plimmer

4. Violets - Violet Pin Badges by Anais Comer

5. Ceramic Candle Holders - Handmade Ceramic Works by Celeste McEvoy

Anyone who donates £10 will be invited to a personalised tour of the exhibition given by its curator, Sophie Agocs

Items available for pickup in-person at Kupfer (Unit 5, The Textile Building, 2a Belsham St, London E9 6NG ) Save your receipt of donation! 

(shipping available only upon request)

First up, Bite/Bitten by Maddy Plimmer:



Handmade Printed Cotton Underwear by Maddy Plimmer


When first confronted with the chastity belts at The Clink (dangling on an extra long chain for the purposes of public engagement) it was unavoidable to ask- what makes this a torture device? All objects have a language, and this language is most clearly understood inside the torture chamber at The Clink. Sharp edges speak violence, and padlocks call to entrapment. The chastity belt acts as a meeting point between the confinement of one and the violence of another. The wearer is caged in and therefore deprived of their autonomy, yet this object's most violent tellings are its razor-like teeth that skirt the lips at all sites of evacuation. When found amongst the various pointed weaponry, the most immediate invocation of the chastity belt is the image of serrated knife points shredding a daring appendage.

To take the imagery of the chastity belt and re-present it via a modern pair of underwear, makes plain its violent language whilst further probing the audience to consider what their role or connection to this object may be. Are we expected to wear them? Gawk and reject them? Enjoy them as an object of fantasy or perhaps desire? This work also aims to consider how women are positioned in relation to violence historically, particularly in circumstances where the borders between violence and protection are blurred. - Maddy Plimmer (@maddyplimmer)


Gold Colourway - 10 pairs available

1673710835_brown_front.jpgRust colourway - 10 pairs available


Donate to get yours in time for Valentines Day! Availabe for pickup in-person at Kupfer anytime after 25/01/23.

Pewter Violet Charms by Anaïs Comer:


Pewter Violet Pendant (without chain) 

Lead-free Pewter charm for wearing or hanging by Anaïs Comer


Pewter charm with a violet flower design and loop for a chain. Inspired by the song A Violet Plucked from Mother's Grave, apparently (according to the Jack Ripper Museum) sung by Mary Kelly the night of her murder. Within Victorian flower symbology, the violet represents innocence and modesty. Made with lead-free pewer. Measuring 2.5 x 3 x 0.5cm. 10 available - limited stock!


Pewter charms can be hung on your wall!


Or worn on a chain!

Select this reward when you donate £20. Pick up in-person at Kupfer anytime during business hours! 

Sleeping Voyeurs by Maddy Plimmer
Sleeping Voyeurs

Handmade scented soy wax candles

by Maddy Plimmer


Candles are a prominent motif throughout the crime museums we have visited thus far. They are historically accurate whilst assisting with the theatre and spectacle of the crime museum by providing an obscured and moody atmosphere. By making a series of candles modelled after a Victorian-era woman, I hoped to retroactively replace these candles with a voyeur of sorts. Particularly in the Jack the Ripper museum, the victims are considered secondary to the elusive upper-class murderer. Their voices and perspectives are given no space outside the Ripper’s gaze. Their epitaphs are their crime scene photos - bloodied and mangled. Their story is described in terms that justify their victimization. I like to imagine that their true presence could be felt as voyeurs since it is not reflected in the material of the museum.

The candle is of course a potentially ephemeral thing, should you choose to burn it. These women were introduced into the narrative of the museum only to be destroyed once again. - Maddy Plimmer


Limited Edition -10 available!


Select this reward when you donate £25. Pick up in-person at Kupfer anytime during business hours!

More rewards on the way soon 


This project offered rewards

£40 or more

Bite/Bitten - Handmade Underwear by Maddy Plimmer

Bite/Bitten is a limited edition run of underwear desinged by Improbable Truth artist Maddy Plimmer (@maddyplimmer). Inspired by the chastity belt display at The Clink, Bite/Bitten asks viewers to consider thier relationship to the object and its function. Handmade printed cotton underwear Available in two colourways: Gold or Rust 10 pairs in each colourway available Pickup in-person at Kupfer anytime after 25/01/23, save your reciept!

£10 or more

Personal Tour

Anyone who donates £10 or more will be invited for a personal tour of the Improbable Truth given by the curator of the exhibition. Tour will include in-depth discussion of the show's refrences, themes, and insight into the process of creating this new collection of work. See dates below to choose a time slot!

£20 or more

Violet Charms - Pewter Pendants by Anaïs Comer

These Pewter Violet Pendants by Anaïs Comer (@anaiscomer) are available to be worn or hung on a wall. The collection is inspired by the song 'A Violet Plucked from Mother's Grave,' apparently (according to the Jack Ripper Museum) sung by Mary Kelly the night of her murder. Within Victorian flower symbology, the violet represents innocence and modesty. Lead free Pewter Size: 2.5 x 3 x 0.5cm comes without chain

£25 or more

Sleeping Voyeur - Candles by Maddy Plimmer

Handmade scented soy wax candles by Maddy Plimmer inspired by London's Crime Museums. 10 available in total, limited edition! Pick up in-person at Kupfer

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