The Hurrier: Poor on the Roll

by Anne Robinson in London, England, United Kingdom

The Hurrier: Poor on the Roll
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‘The Hurrier: Poor on the Roll’ is phase two of a new artists’ film project in progress by Anne Robinson, about class, labour and sexuality.

by Anne Robinson in London, England, United Kingdom

‘The Hurrier: Poor on the Roll’ is phase two of a new artists’ film work in progress by Anne Robinson and wider project co-curated with writer and researcher Frances Hatherley - about working class women’s bodies, labour and sexuality. We raised some funds last time which have supported this new work getting well underway.. but we are not quite there yet.. just a bit further to go..

The work draws on and expands the flimsiest of written traces in the lives of the unrecorded, showing them rebuked for the sin and scandal of fornication, for being joyful, meanwhile subsisting on pennies, in the Scottish Kirk Sessions and the Poorshouse. Punished bodies, chastised desires. They were my ancestors. This is wider and a conversation about class.

Hurriers were the female and child coalminers who had various devices attached to turn them into hauling machines. Punished bodies, chastised desires. Same bodies, same desires. The Hurrier is a traveller in time and space. I understand working class to be global and diverse and gender to be complex. Working with fictioning, I will make an expanded film work by collaborating on filmed performances, hybrid devices and sound recording. 

We want more than anything for this work to open conversations about class, labour and sexuality today and now have amazing opportunities to show the work in London and Glasgow, to collaborate with the extraordinary organisation, Feminist Library, to work on print with the incredible Muttonfist Press, to have workshops, to connect back with organisations in Scotland.. there is such goodwill to support this piece.

It has been a very strange time to be doing this, but the work/research  has been developing slowly over a number of years and a few months ago I decided to just go ahead and find out what is possible.  I reached out to some other artists, performers and writers including Charlotte Squire, Frances Hatherley, Lou Barnell, Shaheeda Sinckler, Eva Windahl, Tansy Spinks, Helen Spackman Karina Townsend, Michelle Deignan to help me start work on the piece and with the support from Crowdfunder one and other sources, we started..

From the strange, remote ways of working through lockdown times, new conversations and working practices have emerged - we’ve made  transformative objects for perforance, shared songs and sounds and built a film.. nearly!

Right now, the work still needs more financial support for the post production phase, for expert technical advice and facilties and then for installing the shows, so that this expanded film piece can work across several screens - and all the collaborating artists can show as well, including ‘the hurrier’ headpiece, sound performances and an ‘In Process’ podcast. It is time to open up time project with intergenerational conversations and we have some amazing artists who have agreed to take part in those.

We are nearly there! and I hope that you may be able to support -  either by pledging or by sharing on social media and your networks and do get in touch if you would like to know more. Thank you!


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