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To create and deliver bespoke enrichment programmes focusing on creative design and promoting Health & Well Being through Surfing We aim to work with Educational Establishments, Charities, Community Projects and the General Public to create programmes that fit the needs of specific client groups including young people, ex-offenders, sufferers of mental health problems, people with disabilities, people living in rural communities and anyone else who is interested in taking part in our fantastic programmes.

by thegiftwoodprojects in Newquay

What is The Giftwood Projects?

The Giftwood Projects are all about providing bespoke enrichment programmes to people of all situations, backgrounds and ability levels, by offering them the opportunity to have creative freedom in design and manufacture. We guide them through the process of designing and making hand planes, surfboards and skateboards, which they then learn to ride... hopefully continuing the sport for the rest of their lives, thereby improving their physical and emotional health and well being.

These projects are here to provide people with a chance to escape from difficult times they may be currently facing, which could include bereavement, mental health problems, physical disabilities through injury, social issues and more.  We want to provide a positive environment and give them the chance to experience something new, that could give them the outlet they so desperately crave and need.  They could also be used as reward or just a good fun programme for a group of youngsters wanting to experience something different.

Recent studies are proving more and more that surfing has shown that it can improve your emotional well being.  Just being by the sea, the sights, smells and sounds can relax the body and calm the mind and can provide clarity in turbulent times.  To be able to offer these projects to people around Cornwall, we are able to enable people to visit the beach and for some, it may be the first time they have been to the beach, and if not the first time, the first time for a very long time.

By taking part in physical activity, your body releases chemicals which have a positive impact on your state of mind, increases confidence, offers new social situations, allows creativity in sport as well as the positive effect to your health.

Our passion to offer these facitlities, as well as our knowledge and skills in developing and delivering programmes gives us a great platform to start our project with.

We feel that The Giftwood Projects can bridge the gap for educational establishments with specific student groups, offer fantastic opportunities to charities and other learning providers, or even just give someone passionate about surfing the chance to come and make their own board.

Meet the Team:

The Giftwood Projects consists of two founding members David and Jenna, who together have created a perfect package and want the opportunity to use their skills, knowledge and passion to make this project a real success.

David is the founder of Driftwood Surfboards.  Driftwood Surfboards began in David's garden shed 3 years ago with a stack of reclaimed wood and a goal of making a sustainable surfboard.  He studied Sustainable 3D Design at Falmouth University which he thoroughly enjoyed and this helped him find his feet.  After completing his degree he was asked to continue with the University to teach CNC Manufacture and Computer Aided Design on the Sustainable Product Design Course.  He now wants to teach others what he has learnt and how small ideas can create so much more.  David has a very creative mind, is passionate about his work, a keen surfer and role model for young people to work with.

Jenna is an experienced Youth Worker and has been working with a well respected Organisation in Cornwall for the past 2 years planning and delivering events, learning programmes and activies weeks in and around Cornwall, and is currently developing a curriculum programme for them.  She has supported a variety of ages, abilities, situations and is very passionate about ensuring each individual gets everything they need to help them move forward.  She is a qualified Tutor, Information Advice and Guidance Officer, Safeguarding Officer and First Aider and is able to work with a wide spectrum of needs.  Her Learning Programmes delivered through XtraVert, part of The Real Ideas Organisation, were highly successful with statistics of 93% of individuals starting programmes - completing and 91% of those individuals progressing back into education or employment.  She is very determined to make an impact on individuals lives where ever possible, loves skateboarding and cant wait to get her teeth into The Giftwood Projects!!!

Why do we need your help?

To offer our wide variety of programmes on a county wide scale we need to have better facitlities.  We have recently been able to secure a workshop next to Driftwood Surfboards in Newquay, Cornwall, but need money to enable us to create the space into an adequate learning environment, as well as having the tools and equipment required to ensure whoever takes part in our programmes, has everything they need to get the most out of the experience.

The money will be used to do the following:

Build Office Space, Kitchen Area, IT/Clean Room, Dusty Room, Extraction for Dusty Room, Lighting, Alarms, Electrical Work, Plumbing Work, Carpentry Work, and Plaster Boarding. 

We will also be using whatever is left to enable us to furnish and equip our Training Suite and require the following:

Laptops, Kicthen Equipment including sink, draining board, Fridge, Kettle, Water Heater, Toaster, Microwave, plates, cups, glasses, cutlery, bowls, t-towels etc., Office equipment, chair, desk, computer, printer, lockable cabinets, First Aid Equipment, and more!!

If there is anything you the lists above that you feel you can either support the work or have something lying about the place that you or your business no longer require and want a great new home for it, please let us know - all support on what ever level will be greatly appreciated!

If we are able to reach our target we can equip our facitlities in full and be in a position to start delivering our programmes in the new year as well as increasing our capacity to deliver more frequently.

Our Rewards

We have carefully selected our products to cater for everyone whilst also making great chirstmas gifts for your loved ones and friends......

When you pledge over £35 we will be sending you a brand new The Giftwood Projects Earth Positive Organic T-Shirt screen printed by  printed with water based ink!!

When you pledge over £80 you can choose a Hand Plane from the Driftwood Surfboards range sent to your door

When you pledge over £100 you will be invited to attend one of our workshops at The Giftwood Projects HQ where you will have the chance to shape your own Hand Plane

When you pledge over £150 you will be invited to attend a workshops to shape your own Hand Plane, followed by a Hand Plane Surf Lesson like our students did @Watergate Bay @ Extreme Academy and

When you pledge over £450 we will send you a Limited Edition Print from Josh Olin courtesy of work with Hole & Corner Magazine

When you pledge over £1300 we will invite you to take part in a Driftwood Surfboards Workshop to make your very own Wooden Surfboard

(This price does not include glassing, but we can arrange for your new board to be glassed for an additional £200)

We would like to thank the following for their support so far:

Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme -

Watergate Bay Hotel -

Extreme Academy -

Feast -

The Real Ideas Organisaion -

Hole & Corner Magazine -

Josh Olins - www.

Advertees -

We will keep you all updated with whats going on at The Giftwood Projects throughout the capaign, and start to show you how the money you are pledging is making positive change happen!!!

We can only say thank you in advance for your help and support, and even if you cannot pledge, please spread the word.

Jenna & David

The Giftwood Team


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£5 or more

£5 Reward

If you pledge over £5 we will send you an email from The Giftwood Projects Team to say thank you and to give you an update of how our projects is going so far

£15 or more

£15 Reward

If you pledge over £15 we will send you a Driftwood Surfboards Wax Comb along with a Thank You Note designed and signed by The Giftwood Projects Team

£25 or more

£25 Reward

If you pledge over £25 we will invite you to attend one of our Open Days at The Giftwood Projects HQ which will enable you to meet the team, see how we are getting on, find out more about our projects and also see some of our amazing products first hand

£35 or more

£35 Reward

If you pledge over £35 we will send you a brand new The Giftwood Projects T-Shirt manufactured solely using renewable green energy from wind and solar power and printed with water based ink. We will also send you a Driftwood Surfboards Wax Comb and a Thank You note signed by The Giftwood Projects Team

£80 or more

0 of 20 claimed

£80 Reward

If you pledge over £80 pick a hand plane from the driftwood range and post it right to your door with wooden a wax comb, maintenance oil and thank you note.

£90 or more

0 of 20 claimed

£90 Reward

If you pledge over £90 we will invite your Organisation to pick your favourite Hand Plane from the Driftwood Surfboards Range which we will have your Business/Organisation name engraved onto it. We will then send it to your door for you to keep forever more

£100 or more

0 of 50 claimed

£100 Reward

pledge over £100 and we will invite you to Giftwood HQ to build your very own hand plane from the driftwood range. You could even create your own custom shape and innovate the hand plane scene. There will be a number of workshops in 2014 and if you book more than 2 we will run a custom course just for you. All materials, tools and guidance will be there to help you along. We will also throw in a wooden a wax comb, maintenance oil and thank you note.

£140 or more

0 of 50 claimed

£140 Reward

pledge over £140 you will get everything in the diy hand plane pledge and you will also get a hand plane lesson

£450 or more

0 of 16 claimed

£450 Reward

Josh Olins prints pledge over £450 you will receive a ltd edition Josh Olins print. Josh Olins is a fashion photographer at the top of his game. He has donated 2 print recently printed in The Hole and Corner magazine and 2 images from his personal collection. They will come with a certificate of authentication and a lovely wooden frame.

£1,300 or more

0 of 10 claimed

£1,300 Reward

surfboard workshop: Pledge over £1300 and you can come along to Giftwood HQ and build your own Hollow wooden surfboard from start to finish. Simply choose a shape from the Driftwood range and book onto one of our course in 2014. The price even includes glassing the board. That’s a saving of over £300 on a Driftwood workshop.

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