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Five million UK EU Citizens were dishonestly cheated out of their vote in the 2016 UK EU Referendum . We plan to now give them that vote.

A careful analysis shows that although David Cameron promised every UK Citizen a vote in the 2016 UK EU Referendum, he was pressured to remove the vote from 5 million Citizens living abroad because certain MPs and others feared that they would vote to remain in the EU. This removal of the votes from 5 million UK Citizens was one of the worst aspects of brexit , characteristic of a banana republic, rather than an old and established democracy. This profoundly undemocratic process , whereby the franchise of the 2016 vote was delierately manipulated in order to procure a particular outcome, is not yet widely known - and hardly known about at all in the wider EU.  In fact a recent poll showed that about 67% of people are simply not aware of the fraudulent way the vote manipulated to fraudulently obtain a the obviously invalid " EU leave " result. 

Our plan is to talk to the EU and see whether we can persuade them to now invite these 5 million UK Citizens to really let their wishes be known. This will take organisation , so we would like to raise enough money to create and run a campaign on behalf of the 5 million disenfranchised UK Citizens. We are hoping that everyone who disagrees with their vote being stolen will now join us and make a small - or even very small - donation ,  in order to help us correct such a blatant breach of a very basic principle of democracy. 

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