The Ferals

by Stefan Ruiz in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 12th May 2020 we successfully raised £1,109 with 47 supporters in 42 days

To create a thrilling short film, that will scare & excite you, on a small budget to show what we are capable of for future projects.

by Stefan Ruiz in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We would love to be able to fly ourselves and the young actors that were in the film, out to the festivals that we get accepted to (hopefully nominated at). Any extra money raised would go towards this.


We are two, self-motivated, film makers who are immensely passionate about creating media that entertains, inspires and educates our audiences. 

Our production company, currently, only consists of two of us, Sophie and Stefan, however we were fortunate enough to have a few extra hands on set to help us out with this project and we have also just secured a sound producer (Sorie Jay) who has offered to produce the sound track for us.

Stefan has been in the industry (mainly as an actor) since he was a child and has a long list of credits to his name, including performing in the West End and on Broadway. He graduated from drama school in 2013 and continues to professionally act whist also creating and producing video content through Puzzle Piece Productions. Stefan is the lead actor in this short film as well as the Co-producer and editor.

Sophie is Seychelloise and has lived in the Seychelles all her life, she is an inspiring camera woman (and artist) with an incredible eye for composition and detail. Since completing her filmmaking course in London she has been working as a DOP, freelance filmmaker and film teacher. On this project Sophie is our DOP and Co-producer. 

And here is our lovely sound producer, Sorie (who we mentioned earlier). Sorie is another hardworking, passionate and creative individual who graduated from MDX with a degree in music business and production and has spent years in the industry working alongside recognised artist and up and coming artists. Sorie is the newest member of The Ferals team and over the next couple of weeks will be helping to create and develop the entire soundtrack for the film. 

The reason for creating this project is because this will be our first 'in-house' short film that we have produced together.  We wanted to see what we were capable of doing on a very tight budget, so that it can stand as an prerequisite for our future projects (which, hopefully, will have more of a budget). 

The money that we are looking to raise from crowdfunding will be put towards all of our post production cost, as production for this project has already been completed.

To be specific your donations will go towards:

-Hiring an editing suite for a day or two which will enable us to professionally finalise the film.

-Film festival submission fees.

-Marketing and promotion.

This project took a total of 4 days to film and all transpired on a tiny island in the middle of the Indian Ocean (which Sophie has previously worked at). The island is called 'Bird Island' and is so small that it takes less than an hour to walk around it. We were lucky enough to be able to use some of the pre-existing locations on the island, which include an old plane wreckage that had been dragged out of the sea and into the forest, the grass airfield, the stunning unspoiled beaches and the domestic planes which landed on a daily basis. 

As for the other actors in the film, we kindly asked our crew members, and other residents of Bird Island, to help out and step in while we were on set. Whereas the two young actors in the film, Dylan and Isla Savy (sibling), had been cast in the early stages of script development and we planned/wrote most of the story with them in mind. Dylan and Isla are permanent residents on Bird Island and they play the terrifying Feral Children in the film.

[Bird Island, Seychelles]

To give you an idea of what we have already achieved, please feel free to visit either our website:

or our socials: Facebook & Instagram: @theferalsshortfilm.

Sophie and Stefan are highly motivated and enthusiastic about this project, they have put in many long hours, months of preparation and physical blood, sweat and tears. 

Your donation will mean the world to them as they are both tirelessly working to make this film the best they can while also trying to hold down they're day jobs and personal lives (Also with the current Covid-19 situation, they now need your support more than ever and want to reassure you that the current crisis will now slow them down).

This film will be the first of many shorts and other projects that Sophie and Stefan have in the pipeline and they'd love for you to help and be part of their exciting journey.

We thank you so much for taking the time to check out our page and keep your eyes on our social media profiles for regular updates.

All the best,

(COVID-19 INFO: The current world crisis is a hard time for us all and we understand that finances may be tight at present but we can promise you that we are still working on the film every day and we are still going to be entering it into film festivals this summer. A lot of the festivals have either been moved online or have been postponed, but this will not stop us and if everyone that see's this page is able to donate just £1 or £2 then we would be forever grateful and would have reach our target)


This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£5 or more

Social Media Shout out

For a £5 donation you will receive a shoutout on our social media pages.

£5 or more

Thank You in Credits

Donating £5 will get you a thank you from us in the credits at the end of the film.

£10 or more

'Behind the Scenes' and Teaser Trailer Videos

You will receive a copy of the Behind the Scenes video (approx. 5mins) along with the 2 teaser trailer videos

£15 or more

Digital copy of the film

We will send you a downloadable link so you can watch the short film as and when you'd like to.

£20 or more

All video content!!!

You will receive, not only a full copy of the film but also the behind the scenes video, along with the two teaser trailers and 2 high quality poster images for the film.

£25 or more

Film and Chat

You will receive a copy of the film as well as a 30min meeting (skype of face to face) with Stefan to ask him anything you'd like to know about the film or his experiences working in the industry for the past two decades.

£30 or more

1 hour Trampolining Training Session

For this donation you will have to travel to Brent Cross, where Stefan will pick you up and take you to our local trampoline park and give you a one hour trampoline/parkour training session (includes a ninja warrior trail).

£40 or more

Private Stage Combat Lesson

You will receive a 1 hour private stage combat lesson in a studio in NW London and you have the option to work on either specific weaponry or just basic or general stage combat techniques (unless there is something that you'd like to specifically work on, which is also possible)

£50 or more

Film and Fitness

A digital copy of the film as well as a 2hour gym and swim session in NW London (1hour gym and 1hour sauna, steam room and swim).

£100 or more

Film and Credits

For this amazing generosity you will receive a copy of the film as well as a 2hour gym and swim session in NW London AND we will credit you as an Executive Producer in our credits.

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