The Craft Beer Cabin BR1

by The Craft Beer Cabin in Bromley, Greater London, United Kingdom

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The Cabin Crew is expanding and we have secured a second site. Help us bring people together and grow our Cabin Community in Bromley!

by The Craft Beer Cabin in Bromley, Greater London, United Kingdom


Who we are

An independent, family run shop and tap room in London SE25. The Craft Beer Cabin is a small, inclusive, drinking establishment and shop with community at its heart. Built by Nick & Josie - with the support of their incredible staff, who have been with them since day one. They are passionate about sharing their love for beer, all things crafty and small batch with the people of South Norwood and beyond. They pride themselves in creating a safe space for locals to meet and engage in a super comfortable and non-pretentious setting.


Where we have been

For almost 6 years, The Craft Beer Cabin SE25 has been a thriving little drinking spot bringing people together, sharing great products, good times and positive vibes. It's a space where everybody knows your name, and if you don't know anyone when you arrive - you will definitely have a new friend by the time you leave.


Where we want to go

For almost 4 years we have been looking for another location - to expand and grow the Cabin Family. Creating another space with a similar inclusive community feel and giving a neighbourhood: a hub to meet up at, a destination for date nights, a venue for celebrations, or simply a comfortable spot to sip a quiet pint and read a book. Multiple plans, offers and spaces have fallen through but we have never given up. Finally we have found and secured a gorgeous space with a wonderful energy in Bromley. But we need your help. It needs work as it's been empty for some time. We need to spruce it up, buy equipment and expand our inventory beyond the beers and bottles we currently stock, taking advantage of the extra space we will gain. All whilst also sustaining our Original Baby Cabin, during this initial stretch. 

We have no doubt that Bromley will be a success, but this is a big leap for our small little Cabin. One we have been planning and preparing for, for what feels like a year and a donkey. Finally, we get the keys imminently! So check out our rewards and experiences.

We can't wait to share a beer with you soon in BR1.


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£25 or more

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Limited Edition Print by Sam Simpson-Crew

Limited Edition A5 print by our very own beloved Cabin SE25 Manager, Sam. Check him out @samscartist

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High Fiver

Jazzy Thank You Message or Personal High Five for your support!

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15% Discount Code

Secure yourself a 15% discount on your next purchase online or in-store

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Loo Wall Vandals

Have your name, signature, emoji, digits, doodle or d*ck drawing forever adorning our loo wall. Your donation gets you a 10x10cm space to scribble up as you wish Sharpie-style. These will make up the full framed wall behind each piddle pot.

£15 or more

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Leaf Your Mark

Name our Plants - from Gerald to Sydney, the choice is yours. Leaf your mark on the pot and visit your leafy* friends on the reg *we reserve the right to provide your friends with faux eternal life to ensure their longevity

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£20 Gift Card

£20 gift card for £18. Buy it for yourself. Buy it for a friend! What a deal!

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Limited Edition Cabin Crew Tote Bag

Be the envy of all your beer pals, with your own Limited Edition Cabin Crew Tote Bag. Get your Founding Member Status in the bag!

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Cabin Crew Beanie

Be the talk of the school run or playground in your Limited Edition Cabin Crew Heritage Beanie in Antique Grey

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Limited Cabin Crew Tee

Represent all day - err'day in your Limited Edition Cabin Crew Tee in a size of your choice.

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Limited Cabin Crew Snapback Cap

Channel your inner Nick - with your very own Cabin Crew Snapback cap

£25 or more

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Drop it likes it's hop

Brewery Tour and Guided Tasting Session at Drop Project Brewing Co. - hosted by one of the DP legends, followed by a table reservation at their taproom to make a day of it. Date TBC: Saturday in April/May. Only 16 spaces available

£30 or more

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Coveted Tubby Toms Hot Sauce Gift Box

Triple Hotbox of Hot Sauces from our fave chilli freak - Tubby Tom. Collect from either location or local delivery.

£30 or more

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Guided Beer Tasting Evening

2 exclusive evening events for 20 lucky hop heads. Join Nick for a Guided Beer Tasting. Covering various styles, hop profiles and brewing processes. Whether you are new to craft beer or a self confessed Beer Nerd, Nick will take you on a taste sensation journey

£30 or more

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50 Cabin Crew Rewards Scheme Points

Nab yourself 50 points on your Cabin Crew Rewards Card to use to climb the hoppy tiers or save up to redeem against our Loyalty rewards. Launching in March

£40 or more

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Limited Lover Fighter Liquor Coffee Liqueur

Your own personalised 500ml LFL Coffee Liqueur Bottle. Made with only the best coffee beans from local roasters. Collection from either location or local delivery.

£45 or more

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£50 Gift Card

£50 for the price of £45 - to use online or drink onsite. Hells Yeah!

£50 or more

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Epic Curated Beer Box

Curated Beer Box including 6 epic cans, selected by our team, boxed and delivered locally. This will not disappoint!

£65 or more

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Beer vs Wine vs Cheese

A duel to the death! 5 cheeses. 5 wines vs 5 beers. Who will win? Hosted with our friend Gareth from Little Mouse Cheese. A Tuesday evening in April/May spent in style. Limited to 12 guests

£80 or more

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£100 Gift Card

£100 Gift card to be used online or drink onsite for the price of £80. You'll be the most popular person at the bar!

£100 or more

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Early Access Guest List

Exclusive guest list status to our soft launch event: 7-10pm date TBC. Includes unlimited draft beer and platters! Limited to 30 guests.

£250 or more

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Founder Plaque

See your name in gold. Pride of place in our new space. Let your legacy live on in our Founder Shrine! Praise the Haze!

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