The Convention - Short Film

by Felix Lupes in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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We are a group of driven student filmmakers raising money to fund our short comedy film!

by Felix Lupes in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Story Overview

Two nerdy friends are trying to get to Comic-Con... but they're idiots so everything goes wrong. Luckily they're dressed really ridiculously so that should help.


The relationship between two best friends – Ally and Sam - is at the heart of the story along with their love for science fiction comics, tv and movies. This shared love has bonded them, but it has also stopped them moving forward into life as proper adults.

And they are way too old for this…


Style & Inspiration

A comedy of errors, this is 'Little Miss Sunshine' meets 'Paul' meets 'Broad City'. 

Like in 'Little Miss Sunshine' we will be depicting a journey that goes awry, with every obstacle adding to the comedy. However, our characters won’t reach their physical destination, instead, they will reach a new place in their personal journeys.

Similarly to other iconic comedies such as 'Booksmart', 'Spaced' and 'Broad City', our protagonists, Ally and Sam, are adults who still act like kids. While they know and understand each other, they are funny and likeable but can also be annoying and childish. 

A note from our writer/director:

"I want to create a funny, heart-warming road movie that captures the soul of a friendship so funny and ridiculous it's easy to understand why our heroes have let their lives stall so badly… but that sometimes we need to wake up and start taking chances even if that means you won’t have so much time for your best friend."

How will we use the funds?

We want to fairly pay actors (living wage) whilst also having the creative freedom to push ourselves in areas like: production design, location access (public areas of Camden), camera and lighting departments to name a few.



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