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by The Broot website fundraiser in Redland, England, United Kingdom

The Broot - Website fundraiser

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We aim to set up a digital and physical space to promote the art of people with disability, mental health issues, or any untrained artists.

by The Broot website fundraiser in Redland, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

All extra funding will go directly into the framework of the organisation, to purchase materials, manage commissions, website maintenance, travel to see potential clients and any other costs that will inevitably benefit the communities we will be reaching out to.

We aim to set up a digital and physical space to promote the art of people with disability, mental health issues, or any untrained artists.

We are The Broot.

As an organisation we believe that brilliant, creative people exist everywhere, not just in art schools or galleries. The name? It comes from 'Art Brut', a term coined by the French Artist Jean deBuffet in the 1940s, to describe raw or 'outsider' art that is not within the framework of the mainstream. Art that is crude, inexperienced or outlandish.

Our goal is to remove 'outsider' from the dialogue. As a collective we have experience in education, social care, fine art and much more. In our minds some of the most exciting and undervalued art is in the hands of people who have no opportunity to attend Higher education and to see their hard work seen by the world, but simply love to create. That's where we come in.

Coronavirus has put tremendous strain on all communities, and we aim to give something wholeheartedly back into them. The funding we request would kickstart our website into early development, so we can start sharing our project with organisations and individuals who share the same passion. 

Our steps to achieve our goal are:

1) Raise £200towards website startup. Any funding over our set threshold would go into the organisation to further benefit the clients we will work with in the future, as well as Bristol's expanding and inclusive art community.

2) After setting up the website, we aim to contact as many Bristol based organisations such as colleges, pupil referral units, mental health organisations, prison services and community art organisations as possible. We will work hard to collect and promote the art of talented artists outside of the mainstream via our website, where we will celebrate and sell on behalf of the artists, taking a 10% commission to additionally help maintain the running of the site. 

3) When interest in our project has reached a significant enough level, we intend to set up a pop up shop with physical prints of our clients work, making their efforts a considerable contribution to the Bristol community. Through this promotion we aim to raise awareness of unheard talent and enrich the City's vibrant culture with new voices. 

4) Set up a permanent gallery space - the main aim is to have The Broot as the place to visit to discover truly exciting artwork from talent outside of mainstream education, including their voice in the dialogue as we go.

If you believe in including everyone in an artistic pursuit regardless of background, ability or any other barriers they may face, feel free to to donate and spread the word! Many thanks, Olly & Jamie @ the Broot. x

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