Rebuilding after the storm - A new Tavern Marquee

by clawandcrown in Camborne, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Rebuilding after the storm - A new Tavern Marquee

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Rebuild our tavern after surviving storm Kathleen and replace all the vital gear.

by clawandcrown in Camborne, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Welcome to Chaosgate, where cornish folklore is brought to life in the woods of Tehidy! Born from the imaginations of three dedicated LARP enthusiasts back in 2015, Chaosgate has transformed from a small group of friends into a bustling community of adventurers, each bringing their unique flavor to the magical world of Kernow. Through several weekend long events in the year we all come together to fight, roleplay and collective create stories worth telling over a drink in the tavern.

Our tavern has always been more than just a place to grab a tankard—it's where plots are hatched, alliances are forged, and weary heroes find respite. It's the heart of our evenings, filled with laughter, strategy, and the spirit of camaraderie that makes LARPing at Chaosgate an immersive and community driven event.

However, on the 4th of April, after rebuilding the town ready for the weekend ahead, our beloved tavern was torn away by fierce winds in the middle of the night, leaving us in the dark, quite literally. It was an adenaline fuelled night, dismantling by torchlight the marquee that had been flung against the trees as the winds and rain battered us. Chairs, cooking equipment and any loose items were thrown around us in the chaos. One hospital visit and a few injured admins later, we bedded down and prepared for some hard days recovery ahead. The next day, the sight of our community banding together to salvage what remained was both heartwarming and a stark reminder of what we had lost. Volunteers showed up to help us clear the debris and salvage what we could. Unfortunately, despite the incredible support, the reality is that we need more than just manpower to bring our tavern back to life for future events.

We're reaching out for your support to help us rebuild what we lost and make our tavern stronger and more welcoming than ever. Every contribution brings us one step closer to reviving the heart of Chaosgate, ensuring that our nights are once again filled with warmth, light, and the stories that only a place like ours can inspire.

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