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Our aim is to offer a sense of belonging and wellbeing to those who are isolated and lonely by providing online social activities.

by The Bee Tree Community in United Kingdom

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On the 6th July 2021 we'd raised £230 with 8 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

What is The Bee Tree Community?

We have set up The Bee Tree Community as a virtual community centre which brings people together online, wherever they live.  We are tackling social isolation and exclusion by offering educational & creative social activities to support physical, mental and spiritual health, including Art & Crafts, Yoga, Singing, Cooking and many more. 



How does it work?

Our community, fondly referred to as Bee Tree, relies on a small group of wonderful people who donate their time and energy to run the service and host our sessions. Our community is growing steadily. Our members are in all age groups and come from all parts of the UK, Aberdeen to Devon. Feedback has been overwhelming positive with our members expressing their joy in making new friends, in talking and laughing, having something to do and somewhere to be, learning new things and gaining a sense of belonging.


Feedback from our members and hosts:

'Bee Tree offers an accessible and safe space to learn a variety of new skills, but more importantly to meet new people and enjoy the friendship, support and hope that has been missing in my life.'

'Everyone I have met has been friendly, kind and helpful. We chat and laugh and get the chance to meet new and interesting people.'

'The format is user friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed.'

'It means that just because I am stuck at home I am no longer alone.'

'I look forward to all of my various groups and I am so happy to be part of The Bee Tree Community.'


Who are the Beekeepers?

We are Debbie, Clare and Katie, with backgrounds  in nursing, midwifery, teaching, counselling and public health. Our hosts are of all ages and backgrounds from across the UK. All are passionate about their subjects and their desire to create a more inclusive world. In March 2020 we came to realise just how many people in our communities live in lockdown, not because of a pandemic but because of their life circumstances; the elderly, carers, those who suffer from physical and/or mental health problems, and many others. 1620749819_us3crowdfunder.png

Expanding our hive:

Initially our aim was to provide one activity per day, seven days a week, so that our members would have at least a short time every day where they can connect with others. Currently, thanks to our amazing hosts who give freely of their time and energy, we are able to run two, sometimes three sessions daily.  

So far we have managed on our personal resources and the generosity of our volunteers, but to continue and to develop our service we are raising funds:

- to develop our Bee Tree Community website. Our aim is for the website to create a virtual space where those who are socially isolated due to circumstance can play an active and purposeful role in community life.  

- to keep our membership affordable and accessible, and to be able to offer free memberships to those who are experiencing financial and social difficulties 

- to create two free additional services for our members: a one to one befriending service and an online counselling service

Please help us to raise funds to secure the future of The Bee Tree Community CIC.

 A great big thank you, from our volunteers and our members, for giving us your attention, and for sparing what you can. We look forward to welcoming you at the Bee Tree Community soon. 

Blessings, Deb, Clare and Katie


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