The Barry Hines Memorial Sculpture Fund

by Ronnie Steele in Barnsley, England, United Kingdom

The Barry Hines Memorial Sculpture Fund
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To raise funds for a statue in honour of the writer Barry Hines, author of A Kestrel for a Knave ('Kes') and many other works.

by Ronnie Steele in Barnsley, England, United Kingdom

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Julia Pattison 24th February 2018

Well done to everyone who' s been so proactive in this tribute to a wonderful writer and who has obviously touched many lives as an inspirational person. I wish your project every success.

patrick turnbull 17th February 2018

Ronnie - what a brilliant idea. Like you, I am a teacher (Primary) who has found Barry's writing truly inspirational. I bet he'd laugh about the idea of a memorial sculpture ('what's all the bloody fuss about'), but one is richly deserved and will be looked on fondly by a lot of people. Would give more if I could. Good luck with this, really want you to succeed.

In Memory of H John T H BrooKES and Kessie 13th February 2018

On behalf and in memory of, my brother John Brookes, who passed away in 2008 aged 49. He was greatly influenced by this movie and went on to train his own Kestrel called Kessie and further birds of prey as did all the family. The film is an honest tribute to the era of the area.

Chrissie Bradshaw 8th February 2018

I'm a Northern writer and love how Barnsley is backing a memorial for their fantastic author, Barry Hines. I read and loved A Kestrel for a Knave in my teens. Wishing you every success in the venture.

Ann Hamblen 8th February 2018

Barnsley Writers meet every Thursday morning in the hall of Buckley Methodist Church. We are committed to supporting writing, writers and writing events in Barnsley. Many of us have personal memories of Barry Hines and all of us have tales of the tremendous impact of 'Kes'. We want to support this project and see public honour given to an important and influential Barnsley writer!

Jade 4th February 2018

Kes is a iconic book and film, and Barry Hines is a brilliant writer. This statue is a fantastic idea and a tribute to the legacy is a local icon. -Jade Evans

John Field 31st January 2018

Brilliant idea. I saw how Barry’s books inspired many adult learners during my time at Northern College. He also gave his time willingly to talk with them, and encouraged those who were interested in writing. A decadent human being with fine principles.

Kim Hall 30th January 2018

Kes is very special to me. It was the only book that made my O Level English Lit course in 1977 bearable. It was the first book I read that actually had people in who spoke like me. Barry Hines was a remarkable story teller. We need a memorial for him.

Lynn Clarke 30th January 2018

Ronnie Steele this is a brilliant ... Barry and his amazing work ‘A Kestral for a Knave’ resulting in the fabulous film Kes are much loved in this area I hope others get on board .... we’ll done!

steven whitford 28th January 2018

iam a barnsley lad born and bred and a proud yorkshire man this sculpture says all that for me and iam sure for many more and honours the creativity of mr barry hines

Ann Hamblen 27th January 2018

Brilliant idea. Barnsley valuing its heritage! When I taught at Ecclesfield School, Barry came to share his writing life with my students. 'A Kestrel for a Knave' could/can switch on any reluctant teenage reader. Graham Ibbeson will do Barnsley proud as always. Good luck with this project! Eternal Memory, Barry.

Ruth Pearson 26th January 2018

As I was part of the group for a while, I fully support this project and sincerely hope that it is successful. The Lamproom Theatre is still looking to stage an evening of Barry Hines to help raise funds - watch this space!

Barbara Lee 23rd January 2018

Thanks to Barry Hines, the story of Kes is an integral, iconic part of Barnsley culture. I can think of no better way to remember and honour his work which is so firmly rooted in and around our town.

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