The Archer Project

by Joseph Logan in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 17th January 2023 we successfully raised £105,686 ( + est. £11142.50 Gift Aid ) with 579 supporters in 84 days

We are raising money for the core costs of The Archer Project to allow us to continue to offer vital support to the homeless and vulnerable.

by Joseph Logan in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

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The Archer Project has a proven history of transforming the lives of the vulnerable and homeless from Sheffield and the wider region. We are integral to the community of ostracised people who most need help and understanding. What began as a breakfast served by the congregation in Sheffield Cathedral has grown into a multifaceted range of services that support the people who need our help on a journey from sleeping bag to home, which is both achievable and sustainable. 

We give vulnerable people the tools to rebuild their lives. The aid and support given follow individuals in their journey through to regaining the confidence and ability to volunteer or enter employment. As a charity, we constantly adapt and learn to ensure that the best possible support is delivered to those who come to us for help. 

Our service is split into three tiers.


People, when first coming to our Project, are often sleeping rough. Our engagement service addresses the emergency needs that arise because of this. At our project centre, we offer the following service. 

  • Two hot or cold meals a day.
  • In-house doctor and dental visits. 
  • Access to showers and laundry. 
  • Access to toiletries and clothes.

We work with emergency agencies to ensure that people are off the streets, into housing and receiving the correct benefits. 



When an individual's emergency needs are met and stable housing has been found, we start to focus on stabilisation. Gaining a home and keeping a home are very different achievements. Routine and confidence building are vital to stopping the slide back into negative habits that may have led to homelessness. We encourage volunteer work and attendance of our social stability groups, which include group exercises, activities, and informative sessions. Volunteering at The Project has shown to have brilliant results. Not only does it give volunteers purpose, a daily routine, and a sense of belonging, it also allows people in the engagement service to see a route through our system.



When ready, we guide individuals through getting a job and offer opportunities through our printing social enterprise, ‘Printed by Us’. Gaining employment in our social enterprise allows us to ease people back into the working world and offer support through any issues that arise. One-to-one counselling sessions are given to ensure the role and responsibilities are challenging but achievable. Many members of the fulfilment stream continue to volunteer at the project and attend the social stability sessions.


There is no perfect formula to tackle homelessness. The people who come to us for help never follow a linear pathway. An overwhelming majority of the people we help have experienced horrifying traumas which cause ongoing pain. There are consistent setbacks and struggles, but by working with the Archer Project, people can overcome these struggles and live full and happy lives.

The money raised through this campaign will allow us to continue our support and engage with as many people as possible. The cost of living crisis is affecting everyone. However, we work with the part of the community it is hitting the hardest. As our bills and expenses increase, so do the people who need our help and support. We have seen a significant decrease in giving due to donors having less expendable income as well as giving to other worthy causes. Raising as much as possible will ensure that the vital support we offer for the most vulnerable in our society continues. 

Many of the people we support have suffered through horrible treatment. Please take a moment to watch their stories and see how they have worked with The Archer Project.

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Please consider donating and sharing this appeal. If you require any more information about our project please email [email protected]

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