The Anarchism and Punk Book Project

by Jim Donaghey in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

We did it
On 3rd May 2021 we successfully raised £3,436 with 84 supporters in 42 days

Publishing 4 books on the relationships between punk and anarchism. We need funds to cover translation costs. International punk solidarity!

by Jim Donaghey in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

The more money we raise, the more we can put towards subvention of publication costs, and the cheaper these books will be.


Update on the CrowdFunder (21st April 2021):

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Why Anarchism and Punk?

Punk and anarchism have been intertwined since punk first blasted into the public consciousness some 45 years ago, and, while the relationship is complicated (and not ubiquitous), anarchism has been identified as punk's 'primary political companion' (Worley 2017).

But, close investigation of the connections between anarchism and punk has been scant - it's either taken-for-granted, lurks in the background of other topics of analysis, or is ignored completely. We're going to change that, with the publication of four books about various aspects of the punk/anarchism relationship.

Our 'Call for Chapters' in late 2020 was wildly successful - we now have 96 contributors from all over the world working on chapters for these books right now.


Why We Need Your Help

  • Translation costs

The international scope of this project is crucial. Writing about punk is still overwhelmingly focused on Anglo-American contexts, despite the wide proliferation of punk across the world. In the spirt of internationalism and inclusivity, several of our chapter contributors are writing in their own languages (including French, Portuguese, Spanish, Indonesian). We need money to pay for these chapters to be translated into English ahead of publication.

  • Books for our contributors

Neither the editors nor the contributing writers are getting paid for this project - it's a labour of love (and rage). We want to send each author a hard copy of the book that they have contributed to creating - these days, not many publishing projects even bother to do that. We have 96 contributors spread across 5 continents - we need money to get these books into the hands of the authors.

  • Subvention of publication costs

If it ain't cheap, it ain't punk! Punk culture recognises the importance of keeping things affordable. Active Distribution, as a punk-rooted anarchist publisher, follows this logic in its publishing practices. But, the more money we raise, the cheaper we can distribute these books. We need money to make these books cheap as punk.


We've got a whole heap of reward bundles - but everyone who donates at least £5 will get their name printed in each of the books. You'll be famous! (Sort of).

Other rewards include books on punk and anarchism (provided by Active Distribution), posters, exclusive access to a punk-anarchist podcast made by the book editors, and free copies of the new Anarchism and Punk book series.


Publication plan

Draft chapters have already started coming in, but are due for submission in June 2021. After review, revision, editing, typesetting, and proofing, we'll publish the four books at regular intervals, starting in late 2021. The book titles/themes are:

  • Punk Anarchism as a Culture of Resistance
  • Anarchism and Punk in Action – iteration, prefiguration, and politicisation
  • Critical engagements between punk, anarchism and other radical politics and practices
  • Anarchist Punks Doing It Together – Cultural Production, Autonomous Spaces, DIY

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't afford to chip in, don't worry - you can always help us out by telling your (rich) friends about the project.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£100 or more

All 4 of the new Anarchism & Punk Books!!

PLUS your name in the books PLUS podcast access PLUS A2 poster. Yep, all four. Be the envy of your punk and anarchist peers, and fill your bookshelves with greatness. You will receive each of the books as they are published (scheduled from late 2021 to early 2023). The poster will be despatched with the first book. Covers all shipping costs (applies to all the reward bundles).

£5 or more

Your name printed in the books

All funders £5 and over will be immortalised with the printing of their name in each of the four published books.

£10 or more

Exclusive Podcast Access & your name in the books

To celebrate the project we'll be putting out an exclusive Anarchism and Punk Podcast, playing out some of the anarchist punk bands that have influenced us, and talking about the project.

£20 or more

6 of 200 claimed

Pocket Book from Active Distribution

PLUS your name in the books PLUS podcast access. Take your pick of one of these A6 Pocketbooks published by Active Distribution: Ruud Noys, 'What Is Anarchist Music?' (2019) Penny Rimbaud, 'The Last of the Hippies: an hysterical romance' (2009) Len Tilbürger and Chris P. Kale, '"Nailing Descartes to the Wall": Animal Rights, Veganism and Punk Culture' (2020 re-issue)

£30 or more

A New Anarchism and Punk Book!

PLUS your name in the books PLUS podcast access. Be among the first in the world to get your hands on a newly published book from the Anarchism and Punk Book Project!

£40 or more

A New Anarchism & Punk Book PLUS an A2 Poster

PLUS your name in the books PLUS podcast access. Give your wall some love with an A2-sized poster with imagery from the Anarchism and Punk Book Project. Despatched with your copy of the book.

£50 or more

3 of 100 claimed

Anarchism & Punk Book PLUS Pocketbook PLUS Poster

PLUS your name in the books PLUS podcast access. That's right - a freshly published Anarchism and Punk book, with your choice of Pocket Book from Active Distribution, AND an A2-sized poster. All despatched with the new Anarchism and Punk book.

£60 or more

2 of 20 claimed

New Anarchism & Punk Book PLUS 'Punk Matters' book

PLUS your name in the books PLUS podcast access PLUS A2 poster. Not only do you get a shiny new Anarchism and Punk book and a poster, you also get a copy of 'Punk Matters' by Gerfried Ambrosch (published by Active Distro 2019) Limited to 20! All despatched with the Anarchism and Punk book.

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