Thank You Donation to the Jane Goodall Institute

Thank You Donation to the Jane Goodall Institute


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Started on 30th March 2021 Salford, England, United Kingdom

Dear Wildlife and Zoology students of Levels 4 / 5 / and 6, 

After receiving such an inspiring guest lecture from Dr Goodall who shared with us her career journey and pioneering work as a Primatologist in better understanding great apes and their behaviours, as well as sharing the wonderful work done through the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) 'Roots and Shoots' global educational conservation program — we wondered if we could do something to help.

As Dr Goodall was kind enough to give us her time, (and L6 students were also as kind to allow both L5 & L6 students to join into the lecture; thank you), we thought that it would be a nice gesture to raise a donation for the JGI by way of a small 'Thank You' from students to show our appreciation.

So, we are asking students who are able to donate £1 (or whatever they can afford to give) to help us collectively raise funds for the JGI to help continue this vital work. This is an optional donation and not mandatory of course, however it would be lovely to give something back to support conservation efforts, especially after such a difficult year due to the pandemic. If we could raise just a little, it could help significantly. 

For example:
£20 could buy a baby chimpanzee infant formula for a week;
£35 could buy fresh food like fruit for an adult chimpanzee for a week;
£35 buys a lesson for 200 students to learn about conservation in their communities;
£65 could buy a life jacket for workers transporting chimps upriver for sanctuary release;
£500 = 1,000kg of bananas!

This donation would be from us all and donated on behalf of the UoS Roots & Shoots Volunteering Society. Taking this opportunity to do some good, especially considering that for many students this may be one of the only ways possible to participate in volunteering or support a charitable cause this academic year while at university — we hope that it can offer a sense of achievement and provide a positive starting point and springboard for Roots & Shoots as a society. 

Together we can do more.

Thank you,

Steph and Anna
UoS Roots & Shoots / Student Rep for Wildlife Conservation w Zoo Biology


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Matthias Ambrose commented

Thank you so much Jane! Love your work

13th April 2021 at 2:54pm
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Moli Corps Hyde commented

Such an amazing cause. Would do anything to help

31st March 2021 at 1:06pm
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