Test floors and pedestrian areas to save lives

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Test floors and pedestrian areas to save lives


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To educate companies and people as to the danger of slips and how to make floors and pedestrian areas safer for everybody.

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Having been in the industry for 15 years, it was only recently, following research by a major insurance company into reasons why people are not living as long as had been projected, that a direct correlation between healthy elderly people slipping and dying within thirty months of that slip appeared. For this to appear as a statistical error means that a large number of people are dying earlier than expected. According to the Health and Safety Executive one third of all major accidents at work and fifty percent of all accidents reported by the public are slips, trips and falls, of which slips make up the largest element.  There are an estimated one million accidents outside the home for people aged 65 and over each year of which slips are the largest single component. Our aim is to establish a team of consultant/operators country wide to explain the risks, test the floor and pedestrian areas , inside and out, and give a full report with recommendations if needed. Although there is a requirement to make sure that floors and pedestrian areas are safe for employees and the general public, the law is very undemanding, and the majority of places do not test their floors or pedestrian areas. A set of 5 tests in one location costs £360 + VAT and takes 2 hours, so an operator can do 2 tests a day. The target per operator is 400 tests a year generating £144,000. The team will consist, when fully operating, a general manager, sales person and an administrator and 10 consultant/operators.  There are many hundreds of thousand potential clients ranging from factories and offices to any place that the public goes, like Airports, hospitals, care homes, restaurants etc.  The project is based in Bath and already has one operator lined up to start,

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