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by Tony Smith in Bristol, England, United Kingdom


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Improve user functionality of App, and video presentations. Add remote booking- Teledentistry, plus multilingual, and user history.

by Tony Smith in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

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Register for two years, save £100+

Save £100 by paying in advance and have access to the premium version of the App once it's produced. It will be £20 a month, so the potential saving is over £100. More payment details are on the site. email me your reference on purchase, [email protected] to activate your purchase. See, crowdfunding, payments for more details.

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eHealth dental App

My vision is to promote public prevention in oral health free for the public. With the feedback of our experiences from the profession and the public, we can collaborate and raise all our well-being. There is no prevention funding for dental disease within the NHS, please help yourself and your family by making it possible to fund improvements and marketing of a product that you can access 24/7 on your phone.

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Save a Life

The App is a free download for the public. It can be personalised, and you can use the scoring system if you see a dentist and if you don't. It is reasonably accurate for early tooth loss and more accurate for oral cancer risk. It has simple instructions on how to monitor yourself monthly for this largely preventable deadly disease. You can share the App with your social media from the home page. "Save a life, SHARE teeth4life".

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Support our NHS

Did you realise that poor gum health was related to poor general health? In Care homes it has long been recognised that pneumonia which is the primary cause of death for the elderly is directly related to poor oral hygiene. It also is related to poor outcomes with Covid. There is advice in the App on resources if you become a carer, as well as on the website I made a few years ago when my Dad was living with Dementia.

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Register as a hygienist on the App for two years

A future version of the App would have a calendar for booking oral hygiene advice appointments, TELEDENTISTRY. Set your fees and collect directly from your clients. It is green, as both you and your client can video conference from home, and you can charge the client directly for times that are convenient for both of you. Keep a reference of your reward payment—more detail on, crowdfunding, payments.

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50% off Practice App

Do you want total control over the content? It could replace your website or augment it if you have one. The Reward is 50% of the cost of the completed App once developed. It will represent a saving if more than 5 staff use the App. The set-up fee would be far less than for a website. Email me your reference on purchase, [email protected] to confirm the record of the purchase. See, crowdfunding, payments for more details.

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