Teach the Future

by Students Organising For Sustainability in United Kingdom

Teach the Future
We did it
On 31st January 2022 we successfully raised £8,385 ( + est. £1182.75 Gift Aid ) with 153 supporters in 35 days

We want to make climate education accessible to every child. Our one and only student-written bill is in Parliament, but we need your help.

Project by Students Organising For Sustainability

Find out more about our campaign at teachthefuture.uk

Teach the Future is a student-led campaign with the support of Students Organising for Sustainability UK. Our first-hand experiences of the current education system have found teaching on climate change to be inadequate, meaning students aren't being prepared to face the effects or taught to understand the solutions.

But we can change this.

In November 2021, our English Climate Emergency Education Act became the very first student-written bill to enter parliament. But it's far from being law yet: the second reading of the bill is on the 28th of January 2022, and we will need as many MPs in support as possible to stand a chance of getting it passed. 

In January 2022, we hope to fund more research into the current state of climate education (here's what we found last year) so we can make our case to MPs. We also need funds to create media stories ahead of the second reading of our bill, and to hire a PR agency to help spread the word.

By donating to our campaign, you will help in our fight to ensure all students are empowered with the skills and knowledge needed for the green jobs of the future. Climate education must not be limited to science and geography, but instead woven throughout the whole curriculum like a golden thread so that no child is excluded from learning about the crisis in a way that matters to them. 

Donations to this fundraiser shall go to Teach the Future's host, Students Organising for Sustainability; it will be restricted for use only by Teach the Future. 

Our fundraising target is calculated from estimates for key upcoming spending: £5,000 for further research; £5,000 for PR for the bill; £2,500 to hire student staff to coordinate our work.

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