A book for tea lovers, home cooks & crafters

by Batch Tea Co in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 1st July 2021 we successfully raised £7,385 with 107 supporters in 42 days

We're working with awesome indie businesses from across the UK to create a book for home-cooks, crafters and anyone who loves tea!

by Batch Tea Co in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Reaching our target will mean we can publish the book which will be amazing.

Our stretch target will help us to add those little quality finishing touches, promote the book, get it into more stores, visit more markets and to use the book to share our passion for tea more widely.

We also intend to use the extra funding to establish an educational community-based tea-farming initiative to help people learn how the national drink is grown and produced - from seed to cup.

Hi! We’re Batch Tea Co and we’re a tea company (obviously). 

1623687655_gt-20-24bit.pngWe sell quality, sustainably sourced loose teas, many of which are sourced directly from the producers, and some of our own exciting blends.

However, we like to do tea a bit differently...


We’re passionate about tea. Not only do we love to drink it, we love to have fun with it too! We experiment with it, cook with it, bake with it, make soap, candles & more with it. And we even get drunk on it.

Our mission is to help people experience more that tea has to offer.

That's why we're writing a book!

In there, you’ll find new and exciting ways to use tea at home, from home-cooking to making gifts or dinner parties to wow your friends with.

Whether it’s baked goods, cocktails or even beer, there's always room to transform them into an interesting (and healthier!) tea-infused creation. 




This book isn't about us. It's about bringing ideas together from independent companies across the UK, including breweries, restaurants, candle companies and many more, and we've compiled a selection of ingenious recipes and projects to try at home that we just know you’re going to fall in love with.

It’s the perfect gift for yourself, a tea lover, or anyone who loves getting stuck into new things.

Expect recipes from our own kitchen, local artisans and chefs that you can enjoy at home: savouries & sweets, cakes & breads, cocktails and even beer! Of course, there’ll also be some of your favourite tea blends, plenty of brewing tips & a surprise or two. 

We want tea to be accessible to everyone, so expect these recipes to be too.

Here are just a few of the incredible indie businesses who are providing recipes & how to's you'll find in the book.  1621427563_4.png

This isn't one of those recipes books where you have to go out & buy loads of equipment and ingredients to make any of the recipes, though!

Although we have some serious big-hitters and phenomenal talent providing recipes, everything in this book is designed to be accessible for any home-cook or crafter to make at home, with no specialist equipment or ingredients.


We dream big, but we’re still a small independent business and as such, sometimes we need help from the community with some of our bigger ideas. 

We’ll be working with Meze Publishing, an award-winning independent cook book specialist based in Sheffield, to bring this book to life. There’s editing and photography to do, not to mention printing and getting the book into your local bookshop! Of course, all of these things cost money.

With your help, we’ll be able to make sure we have the best book possible, ready to hit the shelves later this year. 



In return for your generosity, we’ve come up with a number of great packages and rewards as a little thank-you for helping us reach our goal.

These range from amazing days out with some of our artisan producers to tea courses and even our tea bar at your own event, with a hefty bar tab included.

We have all sorts of BATCH merch too, such as tees, pins, bags and hoodies, not to mention tea and of course the book itself.

All our donors will also have their names immortalised in print, as we’ll be thanking every contributor in the book.

Finally, if you wanna be an absolute legend, you can just stick us a bit of money to basically say good luck and here’s a little something to help you on your way. 

Literally anything you guys can give us is crazy helpful and we will be forever grateful. You’re helping us achieve our dream and we can’t explain how much it’ll mean to both of us.


Thank you,

Marc & Owen


heck out some of the offerings from our friends below.

Abbeydale Brewery

1621026724_abbeydale-brewery-be-logo--grey-outline-silver-website-125mm_brewery-logo.pngWe love these guys SO much. We love them so much we had them do the beer at both of our weddings.

Masters of phenomenal, hoppy beers with vegan & gluten free beers abound. The beer tea they're producing will be a somewhere between a classic, heady wheat beer and hopped up IPA, featuring aromatic Batch Earl.

Bag a 6 pack of this awesome beer and a private brewery tour with tasting, cans & Abbeydale merch to take away with our £50 reward.

In the book, brewer Scott is providing a home-brew version of the recipe they're using for the commercial production, so you can experience your own Earl Grey Wheat Beer brewed at home!


Orange Bird

1621028857_orange-bird-interior.jpgFunky and very sought after neighbourhood restaurant in Hillsborough, Sheffield, run by the wonderful Anne & Matt, dishing up modern cuisine from across the globe using locally sourced ingredients and preparing everything in house.

They will be hosting an unbelievable evening 4-course dinner with tea cocktails from the book at just £40 per person.

Expect huge flavours from the BBQ & inventive fish, meat & vegetarian dishes.

We love this restaurant and you will too.

Oh yeah, and they've provided a knockout tea-based food recipe for the book for you to look forward to.


Cuckoostone Distillery & Craft Brewery
1621031856_cuckoostoneuk_20210428_142611_0.jpgThe most incredible artisan distillery, run by the 2 most dedicated, skilled crafts-folk you'll come across.

When we met Ade to discuss a special tea gin collaboration we were blown away by Ade's passion, commitment and dedication to quality, design & inspirational products.

We instantly bonded over our shared passion for quality, service, design & inspiration.
With everything created in-house, from foraging botanicals for on their farm in beautiful Barlow, Derbyshire, to every minute detail of design and packaging, the experience of Cuckoostone products is second to nothing we've ever come across.

Not only are we creating our super-premium "Black Phoenix" tea gin (pictured left), featuring our UK exclusive Dan Cong Black Tea, but Ade & Becky have kindly offered a distillery tour and gin tasting session as a reward.

We're offering 2 rewards containing this gin! There's the gin, straight up, and the "Gin School & Tour", as well as the amazing Gift-Hamper.
And also the "Batch Hamper" featuring the book, gin, Abbeydale beer and a chunk of Batch merch as reward options, so if you like what you see, head over to the rewards now!

Black Phoenix Gin will be available in a 500ml cubic glass bottle complete with Phoenix Black Tea sample pack.

They're just starting up their craft brewery as we speak, so keep a close eye out for that. We know that they'll be some of the best beers you'll find anywhere.

We would highly recommend snapping up this reward! You might have guessed we're big fans of their work!


Printed By us

1621278507_printedbyus_20210517_200727_0.jpgPrinted By us are a Sheffield based social enterprise who run screen printing workshops to teach homeless and vulnerable people how to print and move forward towards employability.

Paying a living wage and using only the most ethically & sustainably sourced products, inks & materials, they area truly magnificent organisation that we are super proud to work with.


Their 100% organic cotton hoodies & tees are just beautiful, and that's what we'll be using.

These guys make a real difference to peoples' lives and that's why we use them for all our printed merchandise.

So, whilst they're not going to be offering up a recipe in the book itself, the tee-shirts, hoodies and tote bags in our rewards are all printed to order by Printed By us, meaning that a good portion of your donation goes not just towards the book, but to support homeless and vulnerable people in Sheffield too.



Hoodie Colours Available

These colours will be available. We will be in touch with all Hoodie Rewarders once the fundraiser is complete to arrange your colour choice and size, so don't worry about choosing one right away! Just know we have you covered! :)



Time for Tea Bone China Mug



These are just some of the rewards on offer but be sure to check out the full list!



As well as those above, there are also loads of great chefs, bakers, cocktails makers, soap and even candle companies chipping in with their favourite tea based recipes. 

Here are just a few of them but there'll be a whole host more!

Bake With Jack

1621255854_bake_with_jack-sturgess.jpgJack is Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch Bread Expert who is a professional Chef turned bread maker, demonstrator, and educator. He offers a "no-nonsense" approach to making unbelievable breads so you can learn at home.

Jack will show you, in his easy going fun style how to make an exceptional bread using tea! Yes, you should be excited!


High Mood Food

1621259825_highmoodfood_20210517_145405_0.jpgA new healthy food brand and deli in London, with a unique focus on gut health, founded by Ursel Barnes.

Their food is nutritious, vegcentric and inclusive, and champions packed with the beneficial live bacteria of fermented foods. And it tastes amazing!

Expect a spellbinding kombucha recipe in the book!


Luke French / JÖRO

1621261826_joro.jpgLuke is firmly cemented as one of Sheffield's best chefs and JÖRO one of the best restaurants (if not THE best) in Sheffield.

The restaurant is made entirely from upcycled shipping containers on the ground floor of Krynkl in Kelham Island, Sheffield. A steel building in the heart of the once fully industrial quarter of the steel city!

Luke's illustrious career includes spells at The Fat Duck, Midsummer House and Alimentum and his current portfolio includes Jöro and Konjö in Sheffield, and recently opened Nama - a Tokyo izakaya-inspired dining and drinking concept in Liverpool.

These are just a few of the many incredible people and independent businesses providing recipes for you to make at home. We hope you're as excited as we are!


Thank you so much.

Marc & Owen


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£20 or more

Signed copy of "The Book"

One of the first copies of the book, hot off the press before anyone else gets their hands on it, signed with a personalised message by Marc & Owen and delivered to your door.

£10 or more

Because you're a legend!

Support the project because you believe in it and want to see it happen. We’ll be forever grateful.

£25 or more

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Book + Peace, Love & Tea Enamel Pin Badge

Signed copy of the book plus our "Peace, Love & Tea" enamel pin badge, supporting a message of 3 things we're very passionate about.

£25 or more

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Evening of Magical Potions & Burgers

Join us for an evening of potions & provender at Sheffield's home of wizardry, The Steel Cauldron. Fill your belly with handmade burgers & your head with wonder as our Tea Wizards host a magical tea potions masterclass. Exclusive ticketed event will only be available through our Crowdfunder so don't miss out! Event will take place Thursday July 15th. Just £25pp includes Potions class, handmade burger and cocktails. Get 2 & bring a friend!

£30 or more

£30 Batch Tea Gift Voucher

Give the gift of your favourite teas & teawares to yourself or a tea loving friend! You could spend it on our super loose leaf teas, a gift set or our beautiful tea wares. Up to you, it's your voucher! Redeemable against any products at www.batchtea.co.uk you have the run of the site!

£35 or more

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Book + "Let's chat s**t" Limited Edition Tote Bag

Take home a signed copy of the book and be the first to get our exclusive "Let's drink tea & chat s**t" organic cotton tote bag, hand printed by awesome social enterprise Printed By us. You'll get your tote in August and the book when it lands from the printers later in the year. See Rewards section of Project Description for more information and image.

£35 or more

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Book + Time for Tea Bone China Mug

We're making our last 5 Time for Tea Bone China mugs available exclusively as a reward here! This beautiful mug features our single line design and is printed by local social enterprise Printed By us. We will be moving to ceramic mugs following this, so bag these now! See mug image in project description Merchandise section. Mug will be dispatched in August and the book when it's hot off the press!

£40 or more

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Book + Let's Chat S**t" Organic Cotton Tee

Get a signed copy of the book plus an extra special organic cotton unisex tee, designed by us & hand-printed by awesome social enterprise Printed By us. You'll receive your tee in August and the book when it lands from the printers later in the year. See Rewards section of Project description for visuals.

£40 or more

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Share the Love Organic Cotton Hoodie

Grab an extra special limited edition hoodie, designed by us & hand-printed by awesome social enterprise Printed By us, so you're helping us AND homeless & vulnerable people in Sheffield at the same time! Only 30 of these will ever be made and this will be the only way to bag one! See Project Description Merch section for image & sizing guide.

£40 or more

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"Black Phoenix Gin" from Cuckoostone

Incredible artisan gin maker Cuckoostone have taken our Phoenix Black tea and crafted quite simply the best gin you will find. Carefully blended with hand-picked and foraged botanicals from their farm in Derbyshire, this is one not to miss. Very small batch, only 100 will be made to begin with. It will make the perfect gift for any gin loving friend, or a perfect gift to yourself. Find out more in the description.

£50 or more

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Afternoon Tea for 2 @ Biscuit & Brew Teahouse

Our friends at Arthur Dove Tea Co / Biscuit & Brew Teahouse are offering their outstanding Afternoon Tea for 2 with speciality loose tea assorted sandwiches and sweet goodies at their beautiful tea house in central Nottingham. They'll also be featuring a recipe in our book, so you might just lay your hands on that at the same time! Dine in at your leisure - just book in advance to secure your table. So good! 1 copy of book included.

£50 or more

£50 Batch Tea Gift Voucher

Give a bumper gift of your favourite teas & teawares to yourself or a tea loving friend with £50 to spend on our lovely products! You could spend it on our super loose leaf teas, a gift set or our beautiful tea wares. Up to you, it's your voucher! Redeemable against any products at www.batchtea.co.uk you have the run of the site!

£70 or more

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Abbeydale Earl Grey Beer, Brewery Tour & Merch

NOT TO BE MISSED for the beer lovers! Abbeydale Brewery have offered an exclusive look inside their brewery with tastings, merchandise and a 6 pack of the amazing Earl Grey Wheat Beer, to be launched in July. We love Abbeydale SO MUCH! Read about them and the beer in the project description. This offer is a one-off exclusive that is not available to the public. If you love Abbeydale Brewery, do not miss out. Signed copy of the book included.

£80 or more

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4-course dining + cocktails for 2 at Orange Bird

(RRP over £120) Spend an incredible evening this Summer with a phenomenal 4-course dinner from sought after Sheffield venue Orange Bird. Price is for 2 people, complete with 4-course dining and tea cocktails from the book. That's just £40 per head! Tables for 2 or 4 available. (To book a table for 4 please buy 2 together). Event takes place 04.08.21. Veggie option available.

£350 or more

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Cocktail Masterclass for 6 at your home

Experience our Tea Bar at home with your mates & learn how to make kickass tea cocktails with our interactive, fun & booze fuelled Cocktail Masterclass for 6. Just grab 5 mates & we'll bring the rest for a fun night learning how to make your own tea-spirits, awesome cocktails & generally having a blast. We'll make 6 cocktails each under full guidance, from a menu tailored to your taste. Limit: Available within a 60 mile radius of Sheffield

£1,500 or more

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Our Tea Bar at your event!

Worth over £2,000! Our Tea Bar at your event with a £900 bar tab included! Think: tea-lover's wedding, birthday or anniversary for an event with a difference. We'll bring our bar to you and serve up delish tea-based cocktails for you and your guests all day or night!

£50 or more

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PJ taste Afternoon Tea for 2 at Home

Book + Voucher for Afternoon Tea for 2 delivered to your door within Sheffield, Dronfield or Rotherham from the wonderful PJ taste. A selection of sandwiches, cakes, brownies, the famous Sheffield Egg, lime posset and more, made from local ingredients (including their own plot) and prepared by award winning chefs. This is the perfect treat for yourself or a loved one for a special occasion.

£175 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Gin School & Distillery Tour for 2, Derbyshire

RRP £200! The perfect Christmas gift. The makers of our incredible gin are offering 2 places on their Gin School & Distillery Tour at their beautiful farm in Barlow, Derbyshire. You'll learn how award-winning gin & craft beer is made, sample small bites, craft beers & the gins themselves and spend the day in their brand new bar with like-minded guests. This is not even on sale yet but will be £200 when available. We are SO lucky to offer this.

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