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Take Five: Reducing Post-COVID Anxiety in Children

by Each Amazing Breath, CIC in Mansfield, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 7th December 2021 we successfully raised £752 with 20 supporters in 42 days

To improve post-COVID emotional health and well-being for 7-11 year-olds who are struggling with anxiety.

by Each Amazing Breath, CIC in Mansfield, England, United Kingdom

Schools and Young People Need Your Support!

We need you to help expand our Bubble Take Five programme. We have received many requests from schools needing support with emotional health and well-being difficulties. Schools are reporting up to 50% of children returning to school with anxiety-related issues. This project will help meet this great need and support 10 schools in a new, deprived area. It will impact a minimum of 120 children at each school, with a total of 1200 children. This allows us to give each child skills to help them help themselves feel calmer and more positive for £5.80/child.

How we build resiliency:

We build resiliency through a lens of strength and capacity so that all children can access these practices and feel their capacity to bounce back.  Here are examples of breathing practices designed by children:


Our Impact during the pandemic: 

This impact was achieved during 2021 with children implementing Take Five practices in only four weeks!


More impact reports here:

What is Take Five?

Take Five is a four-stage whole-school resilience model where we implement a sustainable train the trainer model. We train staff who then empower children through breathing, grounding, and emotional wellness practices. Children then lead other children through the practices, creating a whole school environment of well-being and resilience whilst growing childrens’ capacity to reach their potential.  Children develop these skills to utilize throughout their life.

What is Bubble Take Five?

Bubble Take Five is our newly designed virtual delivery programme developed to meet the needs of schools during the pandemic. Bubble Take Five an interactive online resilience-building programme proven to improve children's emotional health. It provides practical skills for children to self-regulate, feel more positive and cope with challenges. The programme was co-designed with children and tested in over 30 schools in Worksop in 2020. 

Bubble Take Five is extremely practical, affordable, and easily accessible for schools to begin implementing self-regulation practices immediately and reduce anxiety!


Why should you support Take Five?

We lead the way around interrupting cycles of trauma and providing practical tools for young people to feel their own capacity and strength. Our work actively prevents mental illness and future adverse childhood experiences from occuring! Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) or exposure to traumatic events, such as abuse, poverty, bullying, and parental conflict, increases your risk for mental and physical health disorders in adulthood.  

The research has shown that trauma and stress can disrupt neural pathways as well as key centres in the brain responsible for emotional regulation, fear response, immune response, attentional capacities, ability to think creatively, and much more. This disruption in our body’s ability to regulate its systems is now being studied as the precursors to depression, anxiety, and many other mental health disorders.

The pandemic only added to this problem, and it is now well-known, and with emerging research, just how devastating the pandemic was for young people’s mental health. In the UK, there was a 72% increase in referrals to mental health services than the year before, and this is being attributed to the pandemic.

Our Team:

Our team embodies a strength-based way of living with a zest for life and a determined enthusiasm for everyone to know how precious and full of potential they are. We value strong organisational practices and communication, utilizing highly developed evaluation practices and data to make decisions, and adapting to the needs of the community. We are made up of a clinical psychologist and impact evaluator, a trauma-informed training specialist, a teacher with more than 30 years of experience, and a seasoned CEO of non-profit management.

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