Sustainably smarter solutions for our environment.

by GreenInc UK in Truro, England, United Kingdom

Sustainably smarter solutions for our environment.

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We are three very passionate individuals who care about our environment and believe we can make a change one pen at a time.

by GreenInc UK in Truro, England, United Kingdom

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Living in Cornwall, Britain’s taste of paradise has its many perks. Beautiful undisturbed countrysides, friendly people, the humble Cornish pasty, and who can forget the breathtaking beaches.


This is where our company was born,

We spent many sunny days surfing perfect waves and enjoying many tasty barbecues under moonlit evenings. This was bliss however, one thing that tainted us all was the amount of plastic waste washed up and left on our beaches. Thankfully throughout Cornwall, several groups organize beach cleans. Naturally, as we love our beaches we thought it was only best to play our part.

On doing this, we found a large variety of plastic waste and one thing that caught our eye was the sheer volume of used plastic pens. This opened our eyes and made us think about the part we can play in reducing plastic waste in our oceans. Right now we know each person has at least one plastic pen close by if not more.

We researched alternate pen materials only to find out this market was just full of novelty and unrealistic products in which the majority are either not fully recyclable or only partly recyclable. So with very little options, we decided to design and develop our own biodegradable and recyclable products. After much deliberation, we settled on utilising the very eco-friendly properties of Bamboo.

The aim is to completely change our habits when it comes to using plastic products, whilst highlighting the dangerous effects it has on our environment. Well, we can recycle, right? No, not always and the majority of plastic materials used for stationery, children's toys, drinks cups, etc are in fact not recyclable and end up in incinerators that create harmful emissions. Therefore polluting the air we breathe. 

As all people involved in this project have full-time jobs and have their own bills to pay, it's now become very difficult to continue funding this project. We have massive amounts of interest from many different business outlets such as Hotels, offices, and schools.

Our team has the skills to make this project work, we just need financial help to make this a global success! Many thanks for reading, Luis

Many thanks for reading,




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