Sustain Bournemouth: Enriching our Community

by Bournemouth Foodbank in Bournemouth, Dorset, United Kingdom

Sustain Bournemouth: Enriching our Community
We did it
On 3rd February 2024 we successfully raised £16,368 ( + est. £1574.25 Gift Aid ) with 123 supporters in 80 days

We're raising £24,000 to sustain and expand essential services, aiming to uplift our Community's financial well-being and resilience.

Project by Bournemouth Foodbank

Who We Are

At Bournemouth Foodbank, we’re more than just shelves stocked with cans; we're a close-knit community of friends, volunteers, and supporters working together to tackle hunger head-on. We've spent years filling plates and spirits with the belief that everyone deserves access to a good meal and the opportunity to thrive. From food parcels to financial advice, we're here to lend a friendly ear, a helping hand and hope for a brighter future. 

Our vision is to see a fairer, hunger-free society where everyone has enough money to put food on their plate and a network of community support.

Why We're Here

In 2022, we provided 113,193 meals, 32,490 of which were for children. And in just six months, from April to September, we’ve welcomed 3,871 adults and 1,196 children through our doors, providing over 44,000 meals—more than 10,000 of which nourished our younger community members. These numbers tell a story of real need but also of great hope.

During periods when the government's Cost of Living Payments were distributed, we noticed a dip in food bank use. This showed us that even a small financial boost can make a big difference, underscoring our community's desire for stability and independence.


At Bournemouth Foodbank, we're driven by the belief that with the right support, everyone can achieve financial well-being. We offer more than immediate assistance; we're a foundation for building self-sufficiency. We're here to fill plates today and to help create a future where everyone has the means to provide for themselves and their families.

The Need for Support

We are looking to address the underlying causes of the crisis, to challenge injustice and to bring communities across BCP together through compassionate and practical help. We're in an unprecedented time where the needs of our community are rapidly changing. Economic fluctuations, job insecurities, and rising living costs have led to an urgent need for services that extend beyond immediate food provision.

What Your Donations Will Achieve

Resilience Programmes

We'll allocate a significant portion of the raised funds to our Financial Empowerment Services programmes and employability workshops. These initiatives provide:

  • Providing emergency food support to alleviate the immediate situation and food insecurity.
  • Fostering financial well-being through budgeting and money mentoring for income maximisation, especially for those in employment.
  • Skill-building workshops covering CV writing, job hunting, and interview techniques.
  • Championing Financial Inclusion: Our programs are dedicated to fostering financial inclusion, ensuring everyone has access to essential financial resources.


Operational Fundamentals

To ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of our services, a part of the donations will be dedicated to:

  • Covering rent and utilities for our facilities.
  • Maintaining our delivery vehicles to secure distribution and our warehouse space, as well as stocking emergency supplies.

Stretch Goals

If we exceed our initial fundraising target, the stretch funds will be used to:

  • Strengthen our various food bank hubs, ensuring each can provide a comprehensive range of financial well-being and employability programs.
  • Establish a financial cushion for the increasing cost of living and unforeseen operational expenses, securing the organization's long-term viability.

This Winter season, many will be facing the heart-wrenching decision between a warm meal or heating their home. Through your support, we can ensure that no one has to choose between the basic comforts of a warm home and a warm meal.

Thank you very much for your generosity!

Bournemouth Foodbank Team.

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