Supporting small businesses

by Wendy in Netherstowe, England, United Kingdom

Supporting small businesses

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Small businesses are struggling and need our help. We are campaigning to promote these small businesses in any way we can and campaign for t

by Wendy in Netherstowe, England, United Kingdom

We are campaigning to ensure that non essential small businesses and hospitality get extra support at this time. Some small businesses are struggling and may not reopen. Unlike the large businesses, these small businesses are usually family run. They have bills to pay, a family to feed, etc. Some have already had to shut their businesses down and these won't ever reopen again. Some have had to take out extra loans so they can reopen when they are able to.

Some have had grants from the council, but this may not be enough. The unknown timelines and no set dates to reopen can make this time very challenging. They don't know how much stock to get in or whether to order in spring stock or summer stock. Pubs and restaurants lose profits by food and drink wasted everytime they shut down again. Theatres have to reschedule shows, refund tickets and again their food and drink is wasted if they have to shut again.

We are campaigning to get these businesses reopened, as soon as they are able to, by extra advertising and spreading the word. 

We want everyone to shop local and support their small businesses when they do reopen.

This is a non profit campaign which will be local to Lichfield and Burton. Amongst other things we will be having banners printed which will be large enough to be seen from the road, to let people know that these businesses are safe places to go to. When they are allowed to reopen, there will be an additional banner to say that they are now open.

These small businesses have families to feed, bills to pay, etc. They are just getting by at the moment and they are struggling to make ends meet.

We are encouraging people to take this campaign nationwide by starting their own crowdfunders and promoting their own local small businesses and hospitality in their area.

They have suffered enough and have not had the consistent grants that they have needed to survive.

Any monies left over will be given to the businesses who are in desperate need of support.

I realise that most of you are struggling financially, so any amount of money will be gratefully received.

Thank you for all your support. Let's pull our communities together and help out as much as we are able. United we stand, divided we fall xx

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