Supporting our NHS

Supporting our NHS


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Started on 4th May 2020 Tuxford, England, United Kingdom

Our team have been working hard to ensure we can help in every possible way during this crisis. From supplying products to help protect workers, to continued work on other ways to help.

Like everyone, we are extremely moved by seeing everyone's generosity and volunteering during this time. It really does show that we can all come together as one. We cannot express enough how thankful and proud we are of our NHS and key workers. They are the true stars in all of this, and this is why we are raising money for them.  

Any contributions are welcomed, and all the money raised will go straight to the charity, NHS Charities Together. With all donations made you will receive a printable copy of our Professor Gauss™ colouring book as a little thank you from ourselves, perfect for keeping the little ones busy or even yourself!

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Russell Corriette commented

Like millions of British people, pre-COVID, I depend on the NHS to stay alive and pain-free. With the arrival of this virus, many more owe their lives to the hard-working heroes of the health and care services. You all have my deepest gratitude. Thank you.

12th May 2020 at 5:26am
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