Supporting & Feeding an inspiring commuinty

by Carlo in Huye, Rwanda

Supporting & Feeding an inspiring commuinty

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Raising vital funds to help feed & and support a group of very vulnerable children in Rwanda during an incredibly difficult time

by Carlo in Huye, Rwanda

Communities all over the world are struggling during the Covid-19 outbreak. Unfortunately, some are more harshly affected than others. 

Rango is a small town in the southern province of Rwanda and is home to an inspiring group of children aged from 5/6 up to late teens, who for many complex reasons find themselves living on the streets with no family, food, or shelter. This group of children greatly inspired myself and many others during my time in Rwanda and with the support of our community i would love to be able to support them now

A tough and resilient group,  they normally find food from markets or by begging, at this time Rwanda finds itself in a lockdown, with similar if not harsher regulations than the UK. To put it simply their little source of food is no more.

Donations can go a very long way in Rwanda, with £15 enough to provide a meal for upwards of 50 people. As well as providing food you will be supporting a small local NGO to provide further long term support by sourcing access to shelter, education & employment opportunities. 

Please do donate if you can and share as well, Thankyou in advance X

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